Just As I See It: Phishing Scams

29 October, 2020

Scott Pape reckons it’s “Christmas Time for Crooks”.

He is right they are finding new ways to steal your hard earn dollars.

This is serious. It is happening here and it’s happening now.

As Scott tells it in his Barefoot Investor column a woman recently paid her builder for a kitchen renovation transferring $11,000 using the bank details on his invoice.

What she didn’t know was a scammer had intercepted the builder’s email and changed the banking details diverting the funds to another account.

$11,000 gone! The bank has not refunded her, the builder has not been paid.

It’s a phishing scam. That is phishing with a PH.

Just recently I have heard of local attempts at this, two of them very close to home and big money.

Beware, these scammers are out there targeting people in our region.

Take Scott’s advice and check the bank details before you transfer anything.

This is just as I see it.


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