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It is my great privilege to represent the people of Monash in the Parliament of Australia. Our local area is a great place to live, work and raise a family and I work to ensure it continues to be an even better place for us all.

In addition to serving our Monash community, I am a vocal advocate for a just and compassionate society with a focus on: a fair and sustainable NDIS, care and dignity for our elders and their carers, respect for women, flexibility and support for small businesses and the humane treatment of refugees.

Keeping in touch with your views and opinions helps me to represent you and I encourage your regular feedback. Please take the time to complete my survey and you can also subscribe to my mailing list to receive regular updates.

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Russell Broadbent MP

Russell Broadbent MP


Federal Member for Monash
Trust, reason and commonsense

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Kat Lindley who gave me a very disturbing update about recent amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations. This means that in the event of another pandemic, member countries would be expected to increase their surveillance of dissenters and censor their voices.

Who in government signed Australia up to such dystopian measures?

You can view the full interview here:
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3 days ago

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How much did our gov get to sign us up? 😡

Not good at all.

They know we are onto them and they still keep pushing on.

Has the Albosleazy govt signed up to this in any always as yet?

Russell Broadbent MP I’m really concerned about this !

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Please see the attached flyers for further information on Service Australia's upcoming Mobile Service Centre pop-up's which will be located in Cowes, San Remo, Corinella and Grantville. There will be disabled access and customer Wi-Fi available.

More information can also be found at
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4 days ago

If the goal is to reduce emissions and reach net zero by 2050, surely nuclear is the obvious option.

Nuclear beats renewable energy, fair and square. Nuclear provides continuous and reliable energy. Renewables provide intermittent and unreliable energy.
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5 days ago
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Coal is plentiful and new technology will help reduce emissions for making electricity. Bringing back coal is the best option. Labor policy against coal is wrong.

Great job Russell love your site,while I agree with nuclear don't forget it's not needed...there is no global warming I wish it would atm, I'm freezing here in the Southern Highlands NSW as you probably are too....thank you for being a "real" politician 💪

Because nuclear costs more than other sources, it's production is polluting (think of the concrete) and the time they take to build it is too long and other projects have had major setbacks and delays If nuclear was so good then why haven't we already been using it... I'm sure the minerals lobbyists and think tanks will tell us how great their mates spicy rocks are once they get their cut right...

Brandon Lynn we have been using nuclear safely in Australia since 1958. One nuclear power plant would cost less than Turnbulls white elephant Snowy 2.0 and give 80 odd years of service before needing a refresh. Also overseas evidence shows power costs to have decreased once nuclear became part of the mix. I would consider that there would be less raw materials used in nuclear power systems that last 80 years than the 1000's of wind turbines and millions of solar panels that would need to be replaced 4 times in that time.

There is so much ill informed debate about nuclear energy. Modern designs no longer use water as a temperature moderator. There has never been a nuclear reactor blow up. What you saw at Chernobylo and Fukashima was the water cooling system failed , the water turned to steam and that blew apart the pressure vessel containing the water - no nuclear explosion. The fact is that the only nuclear deaths were those of the heroic men who made sure that the nuclear fuel rods exposed were encased in concrete at the expense of their own lives. All others were speculation and there is no proof that any of the steam releases have created cancer problems as was claimed at the time. Most current reactors are about 40+ years old and performing admirably 24/7 unliike solar.

Where does the waste go

Try hooking up a constant load to an intermittent source. 😱

There's a perfect place to put a nuclear reactor, Hazelwood. All the infrastructure is there switching station, high voltage power lines to go over the whole state. I live 15 minutes from the Hazelwood site and I have no problem with it being there. The idiot fringe of Australian politics also known as the Greens have way to much say in politics. It's only because they hold the balance of power that they are heard. When you work out how much energy and resources are needed to produce wind farms and solar farms, they'll take decades to break even. If we go the Greens and labors way, we'll all be sitting in the dark on 300 years of coal. Cutting off our nose to spite our face. The whole EV issue has been a half arsed idea that hasn't been thought through properly. Here's an example. When we're all driving EVs, where's the money going to come from to replace fuel tax? If you thought it was expensive to fuel your car now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

We Don't want or need Nuclear crap.

Please correct me if I am wrong Russell, but the LNP plan fails on all 3 levels. 1./ Technical. “Baseload & Peaking” has moved on to “Renewables and Firming”. The only way to force your nuclear baseload into the grid is to subsidise coal for the next 20 years (at tax payers expense), continue your subsidies for nuclear, and to shut off variable renewables. #negativeSpotPrice #capacityRatio Refer : 2./ Commercial : Baseload generators already face negative spot prices in the wholesale energy market, forced to run at a loss. You want to carry that forward 20 years, then make it even worse with Nuclear Baseload ? Fossil fuel and nuclear baseload generators can’t compete with renewables on cost. Fuel Costs : NEM 2023 Averages Brown Coal $64/MWh Black Coal $104/MWh Gas $150+/MWh Solar : Rooftop $24/MWh, Utility $41/MWh Wind $55/MWh Nuclear is slated for 2-4times the cost of firmed renewables. Science doesn’t go away just because you ignore it. #CSIRO #AEMO Refer : 3./ Environmental : You wont hit Nett0 in 2050 by turning on Nuclear baseload in 2040+. Investment is already happening. Industry, including Ag, are already telling you so. Your proposal of extending coal 20 years at 3-4times the emissions intensity of a “renewables+firming” grid (SA 70% renewables already) only makes the environmental issues worse. The EU is already planning import tariffs for products/produce from high emission countries such as Australia (refer EU CBAM). I would have thought export industries were important for Ag ? NEM : 2023 Emissions Intensity : Vic (40% renewables) 12 month avg : 715 kgCO2e/MWh NEM : 2023 Emissions Intensity : SA (70% renewables) 12 month avg : 239 kgCO2e/MWh Coal plant are built near coal reserves, and nuclear plants are built near water reserves. Please provide your additional water resource requirements for your nuclear plan, over and above the current coal generator usage. Your assumption that grid interconnect is available at each coal generator location has been rebuffed by the site owners. It’s mostly allocated already for renewables interconnect. Refer : Seriously, is that the best the LNP can do ?

Then why didn't you propose it in the last decade when you were in Government?

Hey Russell, Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the LNP policy seems to entail a conservative government going against the market, picking technology winners, using public money to forcefully acquire & rehabilitate private land, in one of the driest, sunniest, and windiest countries on earth which already generates 35% of its energy from renewables [1] (and 70% in SA [2]), to deploy the most expensive form of electricity to build and generate[3][4][11][14], increasing the demands on our water supplies, in near world record time [4][5][6], and includes products that can’t yet be deployed [6][11] (no commercial licenses, approvals or deployments), in a country with a nuclear ban and without an existing nuclear industry or framework (where best practice takes 15-20 years according to IAEA) [5], whose waste you can’t store [4][7][12], in places of questionable suitability [8], against the advice of national scientific (CSIRO), industrial and commercial bodies [3][21], against the technical guidance of the energy market operator [9][16] (AEMO, AusManufacturing) and current power producers [13], and to the detriment of our climate obligations [10] and rapidly evolving renewables industry [11][13], or did I miss something ? References : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] Getting to 100% Renewables - Dave Osmond, NEM Simulation. [21] Article of above [21]

Spot on sir.

Why are the powers at be investergating, all our natural resources?

Right at what cost ro build,how long to build ,where to build, not in my backyard, how much to run and by which overseas companies, where does waste go how much to consumers ,answer these Questions Russ Bet you don't

So many uneducated knowalls putting in the ha'peth here. Instead of the half backed ALP/GREENS ideology drivelling ngo and do some 'proper' research. Sad to read comments from so many knuckleheads. 🤔

First of I believe that globel warming is a natural acurrents, it's not caused by coal or gas or fire. Trees clean and absorb the carbon it creates. Here in Australia we have only minimal carbon that the tree need to survive. Those rotten windmills will be a pain after 20 years time. Nuclear will be a lot cheaper and I believe renewable are a never ending cost to the consumers. This government stuffed a lot up because the people why invested in renewable will lose out, whitch

Nuclear NOT the solution Australia needs, says electricity grid chief

If I was to buy a car, I’d want to be able to use it EVERY day/night to provide me with transport. What kind of moron would buy a car that you can only use when conditions are favourable? This is what our govt are doing with wind farms and solar panels. Spending up big on things that only work sometimes. At least a new nuclear power station will provide power 24/7 seven days a week. Just think of how few stations we’d need to provide the entire country with reliable power. Now compare that with how many wind turbines, solar panels and batteries are needed.

Jobs are needed immediately, not in over 30 years. The closure of Loy Yang is set for 2037, and constructing a nuclear energy site for reactors could take at least 15 years. Moreover, Small Modular Reactors are not yet operational worldwide. France has even halted their testing. Additionally, energy costs are anticipated to increase by $1,000 annually per household. Today's reports on energy - Nuclear plan threatens food production, within 80km of nuclear reactors, report says Health Impacts of living near operating nuclear reactors, childhood Leukemia rates increase, increased risk of cancer, that's without any accidents occurring. Much higher risk to health if an incident occurs.

Thought there was a degree of honesty and evidence based research with you, but sadly you are as stupid, deceitful and ignorant as your cabinet colleagues.

Chernobyl cover-up: study shows more than a million deaths from radiation

Nuclear power is only reliable between meltdowns.

Well said Broady

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