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It is my great privilege to represent the people of Monash in the Parliament of Australia. Our local area is a great place to live, work and raise a family and I work to ensure it continues to be an even better place for us all.

In addition to serving our Monash community, I am a vocal advocate for a just and compassionate society with a focus on: a fair and sustainable NDIS, care and dignity for our elders and their carers, respect for women, flexibility and support for small businesses and the humane treatment of refugees.

Keeping in touch with your views and opinions helps me to represent you and I encourage your regular feedback. Please take the time to complete my survey and you can also subscribe to my mailing list to receive regular updates.

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Russell Broadbent MP

Russell Broadbent MP


Federal Member for Monash

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At the end of the day, it comes down to a matter of trust. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago
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Comment on Facebook

Well l personally have lost all trust in this country.

Thank you Russell are you going to be standing in Monash how can I help you as an independent?\

is there any

None left

And on top of all that, they publish a secret booklet on how to subvert senate estimates. They try to push WEF zero trust initiative onto us - I suggest we should have zero trust for politicians.


Trust !! Seriously.. never trust government ever again. Pushed and still pushing vaccine for covid that clearly doesn’t work.not to forget to mention that the jab was never approved by FDA and the government knew this.. agenda 20-30 is real people- wake up and stand up for our freedom!!!!

Brooke Jayne how quickly people forget the promises made and promises broken

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This week is National Volunteer Week, where we celebrate the diverse passions and talents everyone brings to volunteering.

Our volunteers in Monash are resilient, compassionate, hardworking, and dedicated – and more than ever, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their selfless work across our communities.
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2 days ago
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Comment on Facebook

Then why are volunteers still mandated to have multiple EXPERIMENTAL JABS by the SES & CFA just to name a few in Australia still?

How about our Labor governments volunteer to resign én masse?

I volunteer at two organisations while caring for my son who is handicapped due to vaccine injury while l fight for a decent NDIS plan and watch as WA just gave a child murderer and pedo $800,000 a year...l am on $12,000. So fair isn't it!

Today is a dark day for our nation. The Digital ID is now set to become law. I don't trust the Digitial ID and you shouldn't either!
Nor should we trust the government to be the holder of our personal information.
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5 days ago

Comment on Facebook

This shows their complete contempt for the people of Australia.

Thank you for all your hard work-much appreciated

I 🙏 this wakes up more Australians, we do not consent😡

What I’d like to know is, if it’s only going to be voluntary, why do we need legislation to make it law.

It’s the next generation that will cop it, but it’s that generation who are not fighting against it !

They already hold our tax details, our employment records our education records, as well as water usage, electricity usage bank details etc etc etc. my mum who died in 2003 used to hide her savings on her credit card to get around this issue. Not so practical but seriously all this information is already accessible to governments.

We need them to pass it! So it will expose who’s involved in our treasonous government for evidence of the crimes against humanity that will be revealed soon! Evidence is mounting up big time for these bastards.

It is only law if the people except it.Just because it's been legislated does not mean it's law.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our rights 🙏🏼 You will go down in history as being on the right side of this argument

A precursor to the social credit score system.

Thanks Russell Hope you run again in the next election. You have my vote👍

Look up the constitution. Law has to go through a referendum. Common law.The Government are running a fraudulent Parliament. Since Gough Witlam made Australia a corporation and Bob Hawk with the Australia Act. Treason.

Thank you for fighting for us 🙏🏻

Thank you Russell ❤️

Thank you, Russell, but alas, the digital bill has apparently passed, just another nail in our freedoms coffin with reported only little opposition from the coalition. People, mainly the younger ones, will think it's cool and so convenient......until it's turned against them. This will become another historically proven conspiracy.

Big brother back again

This is just the beginning. No stopping them now.😡

Fantastic interview Russell Broadbent MP on rumble : cafe locked out Thank you 🙏❤️

It's an interesting topic Russell. I lived in Sweden for 4 years. We all had a national personal number. It worked very well. with proper legislation and data security its works well, Norway has it as well. Most of us happily share data with Facebook and Google. So many transactions were seamless, quick and secure. I think its worthy of futher consideration. You're a libertarian after all. There are a lot of benefits. Maybe an independent assessment is required? You are my local federal member. It would help a lot if you actually read these messages and engaged with your electorate. Why wont you?

But that’s a good thing, eg preventing money laundering.

Stop the GG from giving it lawful ascent. This is treason.

Slavery has just begun in Australia for all. Albo needs to be charged for treason.


Brooke Jayne

Communism ... here it comes. Those who've lived through this system will know how to survive. Majority have no idea how enslaved to the system they will become. If you think it's hard now, wait until this digital id is fully implemented.

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