Just As I See It: Wind Farms

21 October, 2020

I never believed I would be on the same page as Bob Brown and Christine Milne when it came to wind farms but here we are.

When Bob Brown saw the destruction of eagles and other wild birds, he realised the damage wind turbines do to the natural environment.

Of one wind farm Brown argues “the project does not stand up economically without subsidies. And some proposed wind farms would turn pristine wilderness into industrial landscapes.”

There would not be one wind farm in Australia without the public at large subsidising every turbine. Yes, that means pensioners electricity bills subsidies wind farms owned by multinational companies.

I oppose the Delburn wind farm development because it is not widely supported by local landowners and will destroy the amenity of the area.

It is not to our credit that we ignore the views of local community and sacrifice their amenity on the altar of renewable energy.

I opposed the Bald Hills wind farm and I was right then - it remains a blight in the beautiful South Gippsland hills.

We can put wind farms in the ocean offshore, I can support that.

That’s just as I see it.

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