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Higher than us

I rise to return this book, American Colossus: Big Bill Tilden and the Creation of Modern Tennis, to the member for Bennelong. He lent me the book, and I now return it to him. The member...

Acknowledging their anguish

Tonight, as the Victorian government looks set to pass its controversial pandemic bill, I feel compelled to acknowledge the Australians who, unlike me, have been forced to choose between getting vaccinated or losing their job....

Celebrating Soil

Deputy Speaker Claydon, this Sunday is World Soil Day — and I knew you'd be interested in that! Soil degradation is widespread in Australia, and this poses untenable risks to food security, the environment, and...

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Russell Broadbent MP

Russell Broadbent MP


Federal Member for Monash

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Over the past nine months, I've spoken with hundreds of people in distress, many who are suffering on a scale that I find difficult to comprehend. I'm sure that my fellow members and senators are also hearing gut-wrenching stories. I want to honour some of those people and bear witness to their suffering.

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3 days ago
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Thank you Mr Russell Broadbent MP. It is wonderful and refreshing to hear an elected representative with compassion..

Oh ffs. You may as well stand in parliament and acknowledge the “suffering” of children who fear the monsters under their bed. Grow up. Stop playing the victim. Stop enabling the extremists. And on a personal note, I certainly don’t want you, as a conspiracy theorist and science denier, representing me in parliament anymore. Resign.

Russell you missed some crucial stories in your account. What about the harrowing stories of the health workers - totally burnt out, caring for those with covid for 2 years? What about the stories of those who had covid a year or more ago and are stilll suffering with brain fog and exhaustion? You speak of anguish? Let me tell you about how it feels when you have lost members of your own family who suffered unbearably and then died. The stories you tell are sad. The choices people make and the consequences of those. When will you be speaking up for the vast majority of us? Those who also suffer as we all do in a pandemic, but have taken the decision to protect ourselves, our family and our community? All I hear is that you dont give a stuff about people like me who have lost family. you only care about a minority who are barred from certain activities so as not to place others at risk.

I’m saying no to protect my children too.

Absolutely Russell Broadbent MP, thank you for standing up for the minority. It is tragic to hear these stories of segregation but I admire those who are able to honour their beliefs.

Well said. We are very appreciative.

With over 100+ spontaneous abortions here in Aus after the jab & over 2,800 in the US, these un-elected bureaucrats think it’s okay to mandate pregnant women get jabbed. My daughter had a miscarriage last year & yet that is still not a good enough reason to get an exemption. 😡

Thank you Russell. I wonder if you can take action to encourage our local councils/shires to do what a number of Queensland shires are doing, in declaring they are pro-choice and will not be complying with mandates and discrimination. I think there are 4-5 shires who have made that choice so far. Would be great for country Victoria communities to do the same.

Thank you Russell. So proud to have you as our local MP.

Need you to a bit more Russell. You have been pretty quiet to be honest. Victorians are being ravaged by Daniel Andrew's over the top control. What have you done to ease the suffering of Victorians in your electorate?

Thank you

I hope the next election sees you voted out


Thank you for speaking out Russell, as a community member that was born and raised in your area l really appreciate all you are doing to speak up for us!

Let's get this straight. You reckon an undisclosed leak of information to a journalist about information that's clearly in the public interest brings the trust in Parliamentarians into question, but an undisclosed $1million doesn't? Seriously... Are you THAT disconnected from reality?

Well done Victorian government for over delivering on the promised ICU beds up from 499 in April last year to 4,000 today - as a double vaccinated person I have no problem having these beds used by people that choose not to be vaccinated (currently about 100% of the COVID ICU beds). But please if you do end up in a COVID ward as an unvaccinated person don't go placing more stress on the staff by begging for a vaccine:

Thank you Russell

Voices for Monash

Rod Barton MP David Limbrick MP - Liberal Democrats

Brian Harvey

Thank you Russell Broadbent MP

Well said Russell Broadbent MP.

What are your views on the court ordered data release from Pfizer showing significant death and injury following vaccines?

Excellent as always Russell 👍🏻

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Today the Prime Minister introduced the Religious Discrimination Bill. In doing so, he talked about all the good reasons why we as a nation must say no to discrimination in all its forms. He noted that this bill will add to existing Commonwealth legislation that criminalises discrimination on the basis of age, race, gender, disability and human rights.

It's rather ironic, then, that, while this bill is being debated today, unvaccinated people in Victoria are on the receiving end of some of our country's harshest discrimination restrictions.

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1 week ago
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Comment on Facebook

Attributes that you can't change and that people actully experience discrimination for - sexual orientation, race, gender, age, colour. Attributes that dont constitute discrimination - making choices and living with the consequences of your own choices. As Senator Jacqui Lambie said - thats called being an adult. You are not persecuted if unvaccinated. you are obliged as an adult to live with the consequences of your choices. you can always change them. Disgusting to try to compare these choices to the experiences of actual discrimination.

Not sure it can be classed as discrimination though. We need to protect ourselves from the virus, and by having the vaccine we may protect more at risk people.

Well said Russell, I’m double vaccinated by choice but couldn’t agree more with what you have said, I only hope more Politicians will stand beside you and stop the segregation.

Well said Russell when will he step up and stop the segregation discrimination and the 2 tiered society in Victoria ?? Was 500k people at the March on Saturday not enough to show people have had enough and clothing isn’t an essential item seriously 😒

Thank you Russell Broadbent MP for standing on the right side of this issue, time for ScoMo to step up and end the tyranny before the electorate ends his Prime Ministership, he has abdicated his responsibilities, medical apartheid is abhorrent, and it’s happened under his leadership #ResignScomo

🥱 Understand that if you viewed the pandemic as a threat to the wellbeing of both Yourself and others that you would support vaccination and social distancing as a the best possible response to a pandemic. It’s clear you don’t. So it therefore makes sense that anything related to vaccinations including mandates (which will be gone soon enough given the high numbers of vaccination as you well know) become something that you use to point score with a minority whom agree with you. As a politician this somewhat makes sense, but you are really really out of touch with your constituents if you think you are representing the majority here. Should the mandates end soon- yep. Is it discrimination? No being locked out of activities for the greater good is the consequences of those that are choosing not to be vaccinated. I have a friend who is not vaccinated and willingly accepts the lock out from some activities because they understand and believe in why these measures are happening. It’s not a conspiracy, we are not slipping into totalitarianism- it’s a pandemic. If we have mandates and restrictions when Covid is no a threat- that’s when we get worried. Do better.

I believe in freedom of religion and I strongly believe that freedom of not believing in Western medicine blindly should be protected. Why doesn't it protect the rights of people who don't want to be vaccinated?

There is a strange thing about a government that wants to protect all its citizens from discrimination against all manner of versions of discrimination. But a fundamental human right to choose what goes or not goes into your body, is not protected. When acts of commonwealth parliament are unlawfully ignored for a number target. Not health. These discriminatory mandates don’t stop transmission, don’t stop infection. They don’t protect us to any degree that comes close to overcoming our health freedoms. There has been no reasonable credible or scientific evidence put forward by any government that warrants the actions taken. No evidence that comes close to refuting the, now, voluminous multitude of published peer reviewed credible and scientific studies that shows their actions to be both wrong and murderous. Comparison of country vaccination rates with cases shows correlation favours the vaccine causing high case numbers. And government agencies resorting to wishful thinking as their next line of “Best Science “.

Despite popular belief, no one is responsible for themselves other than themselves. I like to think the exorbitant taxes i've pay on smokes and booze over the years has at least contributed someway towards our public health system, and for the record, i won't be blaming anyone but myself if i happened to get sick as my life is my choice, no one elses.

He is laughable , does Scomo even thinks about what he says ??

Ironic discrimination at its finest a trial vaccine!

So bushfires a few years ago he flees to Hawaii..... two years of covid he hides under the desk and puts the heat on state premiers to handle it.... but he is all in on this religious bill???? Good to know he understands the important issues that needs his attention *sarcasm*

Another “ Look over there “ diversion tactic by our elected representatives. After finally forced to have a banking investigation, very little follow through on the many recommendations. Legislation to form a Federal ICAC has been held back by both major parties how many times ? etc etc

Absolutely. What about unvaccinated individuals who are being discriminated because of their beliefs?

I was refused service at Warragul Post Shop today. I reported to the Human Rights Commission and they replied that they could do nothing because Australia Post even though it may be owned by the Commonwealth, they are not part of the Commonwealth. How does that even make sense? It states on the government website that Australia Post is a: Corporate Commonwealth Entity for the purposes of the PGPA Act. Australia Post is wholly owned by the Australian Government represented by two Shareholder Ministers, the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts. So the Human Rights Commission which is supposed to have power to investigate and conciliate complaints about discrimination in specific areas of public life, such as, the provision of goods and services and breaches of human rights by the Commonwealth of Australia can’t go after an Australian Government Corporation like Australia Post. I would have thought our Australian Government and its Corporations would be subservient to the Commonwealth Government but apparently not!

Great speech today Russell 🙂 thanks for sticking up for us

Only a rich white man could define discrimination as being held accountable for his own decisions. Grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child.

And yet in Russell Broadbent’s electorate there are in excess of 90% people double vaxxed. The majority clearly do not agree with Russell on this. They are the ones who will be voting at the next election. Take a stand for sure. But maybe try to find some common ground in your electorate because this is the second time you have mis read or gone against the people you represent.

Thank you Russell Broadbent MP for standing up for ALL AUSTRALIANS who are suffering under these ridiculous mandates. It’s a pity our PM a doesn’t have the courage to stand up against the states “bullys”. ❤️❤️🙏🙏👏👏

Well said.

Totally agree with freedom of religion except for that mob that utter gibberish, & roll around the floor frothing at the mouth. But nothing to do with vaccinations unless you include all the other vaccinations we have to have when travelling overseas.

Porter’s “secret” multi million dollar gift shows exactly why we want a Federal ICAC.

Well said. Thank you

Nice to hear you speak up for is Russell

Bravo Russell Broadbent MP 👏👏

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Vaccine mandates without reasonable exemptions are not only unconscionable – they are criminal.

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1 week ago
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Comment on Facebook

Vaccine mandates are criminal full stop 🛑

Here you go again, anti-vax crap. As your government has said that approx 90% of those eligible have already been vaccinated, you are clearly pandering to less than 10% of your constituents. Start representing most of us; not the right-wing, red-neck religious extremists nut jobs!

Well done Russell Broadbent MP 400,000 people in Melbourne on the weekend and many more in Victoria have had enough!!! Maybe so called “anti vaxx” crowd are more like “right wing, pro freedom, pro choice, pro medical safety!!!!!

Every day, more and more real world science, delivers more and more scientific evidence that this one track blindness vaccination approach is not working. Worse, it’s killing more people than the virus.

Hi Russell. As you’re no longer able to represent your constituents in Canberra because you won’t get vaccinated and therefore can’t attend, perhaps it’s time to step down. There are people who are willing to represent the majority of the community and the greater good who are willing to listen and take your seat in the house.

Spot on Russell! Proud that you are my local member.

Thank you Russell but vaccine mandates are criminal as well

Governments need to get reasonable medical exemptions available to those of us who have serious medical conditions and can’t be vaccinated so that we can be allowed to live our lives the same as others 💜

Totally agree!!! Not everyone fits into the “ok”box to be vaccinated and we have to risk the jab or have no job and be excluded😞 how does one choose? who picks up the pieces if the jab harms you?

Thankyou Russell Broadbent MP for standing up for freedom for Victorians and for speaking the truth.

Vaccine mandates with an experimental vaccine that does more harm than good is criminal - there’s blood on the government’s hands

Straight from the age today, even the WHO dont agree with this 💩...'Barring the unvaccinated indefinitely from everyday life is disproportionate to the risks they pose in the population. |OPINION by Professor Julie Leask, adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) on improving vaccination uptake'

Bring on election 2022. Someone who advocates on a particular issue is great (and vaccine exemptions absolutely should be handed better) but it'll be even better to have someone representing Monash that actually understands their constituents views beyond a minority and defends the greater good on principle- cause thats kinda their job.

Thank you Russell Broadbent MP for being the voice for concerned Victorians and telling the truth.

Absolutely. Humans rights Abuse. Rod Barton MP 🙏

Thanks for once again taking a moral stand, Russell Broadbent

When you vote for any Liberal you are voting for a coalition that is held hostage by extremists who oppose any action on climate change, who do not support the 95% of people who are vaccinated and who want the religious freedom to discriminate against the LGBTQI community.

I’ve been hearing the term “plague rat” being used a bit lately, and in most cases I’ve thought it was a bit harsh or unfair. In most cases.

I’m not in your state but support what your saying! I can’t even get into my immunology specially until next March and that’s going private. QLD date is December for mandates…. It’s absolute criminal. The workforce is struggling atm in my field (health sector) and this mandates is going to crumble what we already struggle to do…. Who is going to support those with 24/7 care when we have to just sit at home awaiting this mandates to be overturned… Ppl will say ppl will take the jobs that we can’t do because we are anti-vax… we r not anti vax we are wanting to stay alive and having medical conditions that will be hugely compromised by the vax is just suicide! Please keep pushing the gov to rethink the exemption because atm there is NO exemption. For those that really need it- gov need to think about us! Our lives matter too!

I think medical exemptions are necessary. If can get to 95% vaccinated without forcing people to be vaccinated that would be good.

Russell did you actually vote for Pauline's bill seeking the abolition of mandates? I thought she only managed about 5 votes, with 23 senators abstaining from voting?

Ffs can’t believe we are being represented by a fucking anti vaxa

Thanks Russel!

Go Russell, integrity in the abyss.

Correct Russell and the Lancet has come out and said the very same thing 😎👍🥋

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