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We Must Value Unpaid Work

Hello, Russell Broadbent here – Member for Monash. We hear a lot about our nation’s need to improve productivity, and last week, the government received the final report of the Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce. In...

Our Health - Our Decisions

Hello, Russell Broadbent, Member for Monash When the pandemic arrived on our shores in early 2020, we didn’t know what to expect.  But did you know that Australia had recently updated its Pandemic plan in...

Rebuild Employment Services

This report is for the future, not the past. It is worthy of notice by the Australian people and worthy of consideration by the Australian government. This report is about common sense, not common perceptions....

Dr X - Another Shocking Story

Hello, Russell Broadbent here. Member for Monash In response to my recent broadcasts highlighting the plight of suspended doctors, I received a very distressing call from a doctor who told me about some chilling trends...

Dr Valerie's story

Hello, I’m Russell Broadbent, member for Monash. Today I’m continuing the series of stories about suspended doctors. These doctors have been suspended from practice during the Covid years for so-called crimes including questioning the narrative,...

Josh's Story

Hello, Russell Broadbent here – your member for Monash. Fire Rescue Victoria is the last firefighting agency in Australia enforcing Covid vaccine mandates. On 20 October 2023 the Commonwealth government conceded the Covid-19 emergency response...

Dr Beverley's story

Hello. Russell Broadbent here, Member for Monash. I was recently contacted by a number of medical doctors who have been suspended from practice or had their employment terminated during the covid years. Now, I don’t...

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Today is World Soil Day!

Did you know that healthy soil plays a critical role in our survival?
Whether it’s in our own gardens or backing our farmers to adopt new farming practices, we can all play a role in improving our region’s precious soil.
For more information on how you can do your bit this World Soil Day, visit
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13 hours ago
Today is World Soil Day! 

Did you know that healthy soil plays a critical role in our survival?
Whether it’s in our own gardens or backing our farmers to adopt new farming practices, we can all play a role in improving our region’s precious soil. 
For more information on how you can do your bit this World Soil Day, visit

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Did you know killing Dingos and farming sheep and cattle killing our souls but you don't care about anything except protection of PAEDOPHILE PROTECTION RACKET of VICTORIA

True. Six years you shall sow your land and you shall gather in its harvests: 11And in the seventh you shall plough it and you shall leave it and the poor of your people shall eat and the animals of the wilderness will devour their remainder and thus you shall do to your vineyards and to your olive yards. Exo. 23:10,11 Aramaic

New Zealand, The Philippines, Mexico, Estonia and Slovakia have all taken a stand against the WHO’s (World Health Organisation) proposed International Health Regulation Amendments.

Australia must do the same!
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4 days ago
Video image

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👍🌎most definitely…

Absolutely no to WHO !!!! No Consent by this living breathing Woman!!!! Thank you Russell Broadbent MP Australians need to wake up!!!!

Go you good thing Russell Broadbent👏👏👏👏

Between the United Nations and the World Health Organization. God help us

Sadly many don't understand the implications of the pandemic treaty and the loss of bodily autonomy.

It is a must to stop the UN,WHO,WEF and NWO from taking away our sovereignty!!!

Australia must exit the c0rrupt WHO and UN.

Where the fuck where you during the pandemic????? Oh that is right, towing your party line!!!! Fuck off you piece of SHIT

A bit of factual news between your taxpayer funded fake news Russell

Who is “WHO”? ……… big pharma, that’s Who😡😡😡😡

Get rid of WHO

WHO is paid far to much money and for what.

WHO are collectively a stubby short of a six pack. They make so many stupid decisions. We should not be influenced by them.

There will be Anarchy in Australia if Albo signs up to this

Thanks Russell Broadbent MP . I discussed this on community radio with Stand Up Now Australia : Listen to Stand Up Now Australia - Katrina Lane - Talk of Our Shire - 29 November 2023 by Donnybrook Balingup Community Radio on #SoundCloud

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On Wednesday 29th November (2023) the Prime Minister issued a formal apology to the survivors of thalidomide and their families.

This apology is welcome news for those who have suffered terribly because of a man-made tragedy involving a drug made for morning sickness during pregnancy.

My heart goes out to those families and individuals affected by this failure and I offer my heartfelt condolences for the suffering it caused.
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4 days ago
Video image

Comment on Facebook

Do you not see the irony between the thalidomide balls up 60 years ago and today the balls up with the covid jab injuries and deaths. Do WE have to wait 60 years before they admit and apologise

oh the irony !

just an apology

You're really still alive? What a pity...

How about this old nonsense being related to how politicians (I know you did not!) legislated to force untried vaccines on Australian and can we expect an apology in 2093? Ask the question!

Apologies fix nothing .

Is Albanese a victim?

If it was long overdue then why didn’t you guys do it in the last decade while you were in charge Russ ?

What difference will that really make? He needs to get up to speed and apologise to all 💉injured that were coerced into taking it against they're will.

Yes, 60 odd years, but not this generations obligations to apologise. I think you are now just grabbing onto anything that might get you votes, now that you are not a liberal candidate. Unfortunately it is one of your foibles, you knew you were slipping and tried to get votes when you switched sides during the covid disaster. Why not just bow out gracefully? You would keep any respect that people had for you. You have been a loyal liberal for many years, but we all have to move on at sometime. Now is your time. Thank you for your service in the past.

And it was a scientist that discovered that thalidomide was harmful The same scientists that have proved Covid vaccines to be safe and effective So how about you get on board Russ ?

Thalidomide drug was ceased when many newborn were affected! Same can't be said for Trial drug being used now!!!

They still try out drugs on an unsuspecting public. It hasn’t stopped. Medical professionals ignore independent research.

No apology, it was deliberate

And the covid vax apology will come in 60 years after the indemnity and suppression orders are over,there’s a bit of a pattern with these apologies

How about an apology to those dead and damaged due to covid vaxx? And those who lost businesses etc due to mandates

History repeating itself. I raised the question of apology to people affected by government Covid jab policy with Dr Brian Walker MLC last year: Listen to Dr Brian Walker - MLC - Talk of Our Shire 7 September 2022 by Donnybrook Balingup Community Radio on #SoundCloud

so is the covid apology next. it certainly needs to be

And humanity didn’t learn From that mistake,what does it take for the penny to drop ?

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We Must Value Unpaid Work

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Our Health - Our Decisions

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Thalidomide Apology: it’s long overdue

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Rebuilding Employment Services

Russell Broadbent MP 84 views 30 November, 2023 3:27 pm

Dr X - Another Shocking Story

Russell Broadbent MP 465 views 30 November, 2023 1:00 pm

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