The epidemic of children’s ill health

13 October, 2023

I recently heard about a new organisation set up to help protect the health of children.  The Children’s Health Defense Australia has been set up to address the staggering rise in chronic disease in our children.  They report that nearly half of all children have some kind of allergic-type disease, and autoimmune diseases are on the rise.  But even more alarming are the levels of mental health disorders in our young with up to 40% suffering depression, anxiety, or panic disorders. 

And with around 1 in 5 children having a learning disorder – we have to ask ourselves: what is happening to our children?

This pattern of ill health in our children has been developing over the decades. However, the recent Covid pandemic struck a significant blow to the health and wellbeing of our children through lockdowns, masking and separation from family members.  Never before have our young paid such a price due to government enforced policies.  And the evidence is coming out.  A recent major study from the UK reported that lockdowns harmed the emotional development of almost half of their children.  This information does not bode well for Australia.

With any inquiry, or future pandemic plans the costs to our young, Australia’s next generation, should be paramount.

And that’s justice, as I see it.

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