Forest of the Fallen

12 October, 2023

Hello. Russell Broadbent here, Federal Member for Monash.

Recently a local newspaper reported the staging of a ‘silent protest’ in one of our community parks.  It included around 300 bamboo stakes in the ground, each holding a laminated page with the story of an Australian who had suffered an adverse event after a covid vaccination.  This ‘silent protest’ has been seen in other parts of the country and is known as ‘the forest of the fallen.’

Now, I don’t know whose stories were told that day, but over the past 2 years I have heard the stories of hundreds of people who have suffered terrible, life changing health events after they took the Covid injection.  Many of these people have had medical professionals confirm their condition was caused by the jab.

You only need to take a look at the TGA’s database to see the horrific number of adverse events and deaths that have been reported since these jabs were rolled out.  Just to put it in context, there are more reports for these injections than for all other vaccinations for the past 50 years combined. 

In locked down Western Australia most people received the jab before covid arrived. So, you would expect that any health consequences could be clearly seen.  And they were!  The Vaccine Surveillance Safety Report from 2021 revealed the adverse events following immunisation were reported at almost 24x the rate (per 100,000 doses) for all other vaccines combined. The report refers to this as and I quote an “exponential increase.”

I have to ask, why are the Australian government and the TGA not looking into this? Why is this not being reported in the media?  Meanwhile our healthcare system groans under the strain, and injured Australians continue to suffer. 

According to Coverse, a Patient-led group that supports injured Australians, less than half of those affected have been able to get support from their employers or the government. 

I ask, is this how we look after our people?  I thought Australia was better than this.

We need to step into the silence on this issue and raise our voices to make sure injured Australians are heard and able to access the help they need.

And that’s justice, as I see it.

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