Rebuild Employment Services

30 November, 2023

This report is for the future, not the past. It is worthy of notice by the Australian people and worthy of consideration by the Australian government. This report is about common sense, not common perceptions. People have very many barriers to overcome to access employment. The report is bipartisan, principled, professional, practical and passionate. Ideology played no part It is complete inasmuch as every recommendation is backed up by the evidence clearly articulated in the report. The voiceless and the troubled are our responsibility. We have heard you, and we have listened. Those workers at the coalface of the unemployed in this nation have our greatest respect and grateful thanks in that they are changing the lives of so many across this great south land. You are angels of the highest order, and I thank you for what you do. Each one of you knows who I'm talking to.

I particularly draw attention to two members of the committee: the member for Bruce, for his passion, his wisdom and his experience as a former public servant in navigating what was a most difficult place to navigate—and I thank him sincerely for the work that he did and the professional way he carried out his obligations—and the member for Mayo, who brought her lived experience working in this sector to the tables of the committee. The member for Bruce carried the load, and the member for Mayo brought her lived experience working in the social security sector.

I'm most appreciative of the secretariat for their professionalism and the way they went about supporting the chair of the committee, as well as those who were seconded from the department and all of the people who had any input into this excellent report. There is a dissenting report, which you can read; it speaks for itself. I'll leave that with the parliament.

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