Dr X - Another Shocking Story

30 November, 2023

Hello, Russell Broadbent here. Member for Monash

In response to my recent broadcasts highlighting the plight of suspended doctors, I received a very distressing call from a doctor who told me about some chilling trends emerging within Australia’s health care profession – stories of suppression, coercion, and an alarming violation of human rights.

For this particular doctor, their crime was daring to question the established norms and expressing their personal concerns and critiques of various healthcare practices on social media.

So, what did this doctor say that was so offensive? They said that ‘Vitamin D would enhance a person’s immune system.’ That’s right, they encouraged healthy eating and vitamin supplements.

The doctor's posts were well-referenced and connected to their sincere apprehension about the potential side effects of medical treatments, the impact of medicine on patients, and the general well-being of the community.

These social media posts triggered a relentless investigation by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, AHPRA. While the doctor believed they were advocating for the community's welfare, AHPRA saw their posts as potentially harmful to public safety. 

Not only that, their posts were then painted as conspiracy theories!

The doctor was dragged through the legal system where they faced cross-examination by a vociferous barrister who relentlessly accused them of opposing governmental perspectives and pharmaceutical mandates.

The doctor has been unable to work for more than two years, and the toll on their well-being and financial stability has been significant. 

It seems the very essence of the doctor-patient relationship is under threat.

In a society that supposedly values free expression, individuality, and critical thinking, the suppression of doctors' voices is a very grave concern. It raises questions about the autonomy of medical professionals and the right to dissent in the name of public safety.

That’s Just As I See It!

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