Excess Deaths and Cardiac Arrests: Why the increase?

23 April, 2024

Russell Broadbent here, your Independent Federal Member for Monash.

One hundred years ago, in country areas across Victoria and Australia, 20% of women were dying in childbirth, as compared to those women in the city who only had a 3% chance of death after childbirth.

The country communities were so outraged by this that local and state governments created bush nursing hospitals across country areas in Victoria and Australia, and reduced the incidences of deaths through childbirth to 3% – the same as their city cousins.

So when I read in the Herald Sun recently a report that there’s been a 20% increase in cardiac arrests in Victoria since 2019, and that 95% of patients are dying, I was reminded of the mortality rates amongst women all those years ago.

If that’s not shocking enough, the proposed response is to push for more first aid training and defibrillators.

But as in the past, we must ask: what is the root cause of this massive spike in cardiac arrests?

I don’t know if it’s the covid injection. But if it’s not, surely we must ask ourselves why? Why is there a 20% increase in cardiac arrests over the past 5 years?

Given Australia’s unexplained excess deaths, I have written to the Hon Mark Butler - the Minister for Health – to ask if his department is willing to include Covid-19 vaccine mandates in their scope of investigation into the possible cause of this very disturbing trend.

I ask these questions as I have done for 3 years. Without judgment of anybody, only asking why.

That’s justice as I see it.

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