We must let doctors be doctors

3 November, 2022

I received this heart felt missive from a member of The Australian Medical Professionals’ Society.

“Recently we have witnessed Governments, bureaucrats and media coordinate together to control public perception through censoring any non-conforming view and vilifying, marginalising and punishing anyone who questions government messaging. 

Truth is often the first casualty of crisis.

During the time of Covid, censorship became the means by which confidence in compliance was achieved. Political polling became more important than people.

Politically based medicine has now replaced evidence-based medicine.

Health Professionals across the country have been threatened with losing their registration to practice by AHPRA and National Boards. Many brave souls have lost careers and their livelihood for seeking to reveal safety signals, emerging data and scientific research that countered the government narrative. Their care has cost them a great deal, but not their principles. 

Their crime - undermining confidence in the government public health messaging. 

Doctors must always retain their right to freedom of political communication, to respectfully challenge public health orders, to publish critical scientific information, to inform our regulatory agencies when they see safety signals of harm, to ensure they can keep their patient as their primary concern and advocate for their best interests. 

Censoring our medical professionals using threats to their registration to practice has resulted in what prominent U.K. cardiologist Dr Aseem Malholtra, has described as perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime. 

The Pandemic Politics we are witnessing is destroying the medical profession and undermining trust in our institutions.

Governments MUST NOT legislate censorship through national passage of these National Law amendments. Unaccountable bureaucrats cannot interfere in the sacrosanct doctor patient relationship and undermine free and informed consent.

Governments MUST NOT seek to silence voices of expertise that wish to respectfully challenge health authorities as a means to create an illusion of consensus where none exists. 

Governments MUST NEVER override doctors dedication to their patients best interests. If we turn our doctors into an enforcement arm of government propaganda that is the end of medicine. We MUST let doctors be doctors.”

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