Vaccination Passports - I'm humbled by your response

12 August, 2021


I am truly humbled by your thought-provoking responses to my call for your views on vaccination passports.

We are receiving about a thousand responses a day. Articulate, passionate, and concerned.

Thank you all for your feedback and your interest in the state of the nation at this most difficult of times.

There are strong arguments on both sides, and others only concerned about preserving the freedoms we enjoy in this the Great South Land.

My concerns are echoed by many who have corresponded with me. However, I appreciate the contribution from those who rightly and genuinely have other views.

As one constituent from West Gippsland wrote:

“I write this letter in desperation, I am asking you to please stand up for my freedom and my children’s freedom and vote NO to vaccination passports in this country.

Where will it stop? Will my children be able to go to school? Participate in local footy? Attend playgroup? Will I be able to shop for essentials? Purchase Food? Will my partner keep his job? Can we travel interstate? Passing these draconian passports will greatly impact my family and our right to choose. This is absolutely the worst form of medical coercion this country has ever seen!”

Or as another constituent from South Gippsland said:

“If some vaccination certification/passport is what is required to return my freedom of travel domestically then internationally; return mine and my family’s freedom from lockdowns so we may again gather for family occasions at will; return so many businesses’ freedom from mere survival if not bankruptcy; return our health system’s freedom from the potential to be overwhelmed; return children’s freedom to attend school without interruption etc etc…..then so be it.”

In this conversation with each other remember we are all Australians. Passion for freedom is respected.

However, there is no place for confrontation or abuse of others with different views to ourselves.

Respect for one another remains fundamental for a cohesive country going forward, with hope and compassion together.

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