Trust has been compromised

20 June, 2024

Recently the Department of Health reported that only 3.5% of 18 – 64-year-olds have received a Covid booster in the past 6 months*. 

Furthermore, the latest figures from the Australian Immunisation Register show that childhood immunisation rates are falling.

This phenomenon is not unique to Australia. According to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, vaccination rates are falling across the globe.

Why could this be? 

One doctor says that the COVID vaccination roll out has ‘potentially shifted people’s attitude,’ with vaccination rates falling across all age groups since 2020.

This begs the question, did Australia’s Covid vaccination policies contribute to this change in general vaccine uptake? 

If so, why?

Let me run this scenario by you.

Firstly, we were told to get vaccinated on behalf of everyone else – to stop the virus spreading. Fair enough. That’s reasonable. But then, we learned that the vaccines didn’t stop transmission. So not only didn’t it stop people contracting Covid, it didn’t stop the spread.

Second, the risks were downplayed. We now have over 140 000 reported adverse events to the TGA’s reporting system, including 1023 deaths. This is more reports than for all other vaccines in the last 50 years combined. The now withdrawn Astra Zeneca shot was linked with clots and death soon after roll out in 2021, yet it took another 2 years before it left our shelves.

That’s a lot to digest!

Australians now suspect something is up. The trust factor has been compromised. Many of us know people who have been vax injured. I have interviewed many injured people on this channel.

What else have we learned? We’ve learned that the conversation around benefits and harms of our Covid response was stifled. Our own Department of Home affairs censored over 4000 social media posts about Covid, many of which were later proven to be absolutely true. Yet recently Former CDC head Dr Anthony Fauci admitted that he ‘didn’t remember reviewing any studies or data that supported masking children or social distancing and that the rules just ‘sort of appeared.’

But by far the most egregious insult on the Australian people were the mandates. These were, and always have been, deeply unethical.  Especially when you are forcing people to decide between an experimental jab – a so-called ‘vaccine’ which fails to prevent infection and transmission - and their job. 

Ex CDC Director Dr Robert Redfield recently confirmed this view saying, 'they never should have mandated vaccines. Period.’

Of course I’m not only inclined to agree, I agree.

The falling vaccination rates may well be the most damning evidence we have that Australian’s trust in the health bureaucracy has been irreparably damaged. So now people are voting with their feet.

And that’s justice, as I see it.

*Correction: 3.9% of 18 – 64-year-olds have received a Covid booster in the past 6 months. See Department of Health report.

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