Tell me I'm wrong

3 August, 2023

Today I invite anybody to please tell me I’m wrong.  

Look around our nation in the aftermath of the pandemic response and it’s like looking at a train wreck of devastation for everyday Australians. 

Everyday Australians who have still not been allowed back to work due to vaccine mandates.

Everyday Australians who have life changing adverse effects from the Covid injections.

Everyday Australians silenced or censored for calling out the truth.

Everyday Australians WE are elected to represent.

As at 20 July, the TGA database shows 997 deaths and nearly 140,000 cases of adverse events. This is more than the total number of adverse events for all other vaccinations in the past 50 years, COMBINED!

The ABS reports alarming excess deaths - around 10-15% nationwide.  A 4% excess death rate is considered highly significant, and 15% is a black swan event. 

Something is critically wrong in our country, and even worse, those of us who’ve been sounding the alarm are being surveilled and censored!

Tell me I’m wrong - I want to be wrong.

Of course, the litmus test for the truth of these words will be if Facebook and YouTube deem my speech to be misinformation and remove it from their platform...' (like they did last year when I asked why the government wasn't questioning the large number of excess deaths)'. 

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