Mandates must end NOW!

25 January, 2024

Russell Broadbent here, your Independent Member for Monash.

Over the past four so-called coronavirus years, I’ve had a rule to stay in the ‘sensible centre’. To ask questions then highlight any concerns so my constituent base could make up their own mind on issues around the virus.

Well today, the ‘sensible centre’ for me goes like this:

How is it, that anybody with an ounce of common sense cannot understand that the covid mandates were a complete failure in stopping transmission and infection and that to continue them in any setting is farcical - nothing but a political stunt.

Today, I call on state governments across the nation to remove all mandates and allow unvaccinated frontline staff to return to work. 

Like you, every day, I hear about the enormous pressure and acute stress and strain on our hospital staff, ambulance ramping, and shortages of police and firefighters.

Make no mistake - our first responders are under unbearable pressure, and they’re exhausted from working back-to-back shifts due to staff shortages.

And while there are hundreds of vacancies across these agencies, the HR departments are recruiting from overseas. Why are we looking to other countries to fill our staff shortages when we have highly skilled and talented staff here in Australia?

People like paramedic John, who was sacked and is still waiting for a decision from the Industrial Relations Commission.

People like firefighter Josh who’s one of 30 firefighters in Victoria - unable to return to work until they’ve had three jabs!

People like Justin, a NSW police officer who was sacked - not so much for not being jabbed, but for not following the order to be jabbed! 

These dedicated, well-trained men, all have young families. And like thousands of other unjabbed Australians, have more than paid their time for the crime of - not getting jabbed.

I’ve never supported these senseless and destructive mandates. These mandates are a violation of our human rights, and some would say they are illegal. I first shared my views in August 2021, and I’ve been calling for them to end ever since. 

I can’t believe I am here today still railing against them – seriously – something is off, very off.

These arbitrary and punitive mandates are inflicting untold personal, psychological, and financial hardship - let alone putting Australian lives at risk.

So, I reiterate my call to state governments across the nation – end these mandates now!

That’s justice as I see it.

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