Local NBN Fixed Wireless Network gets a boost

6 February, 2024

More than 14,500 homes and businesses across the Baw Baw, Latrobe, South Gippsland, Wellington and Bass Coast local government areas can now enjoy access to faster and more reliable speeds at the busiest times thanks to upgrades of the local NBN Fixed Wireless network.  

Using cutting-edge technology, the upgrades are boosting the performance of the NBN Fixed Wireless network to enable a smoother experience, even at the busiest times. By mid-next year the upgrades will also enable access to plans that are around four times faster than what is currently available.   

As well as benefiting from improved speeds, the upgrades are also extending the range of the NBN Fixed Wireless network. Around 775 homes and businesses in the local area that were previously only able to access NBN services via the NBN Sky Muster satellite service, can now access to the NBN Fixed Wireless network for the first time.   

These upgrades come as the latest NBN data shows that homes and business across Australia are using more devices and demanding more data and speed than ever before. In 2023, the NBN network usage records were set and broken three times. The average Australian NBN user downloaded around 423GB per month – an increase of more than 50 per cent compared to three years ago.  

The upgrades to the NBN Fixed Wireless network aim to ensure that the NBN network can stay ahead of this increased demand and continue to support Australians as their need for speed and increased data volumes continues to grow.  

The Fixed Wireless upgrades are one part of NBN’s commitment to delivering better broadband for the regional Australia, which also includes full fibre upgrades via NBN Fibre to the Premises and making uncapped data (subject to fair use policy and shaping) usage available on the NBN Sky Muster Plus satellite network.  

Emily Peel, the head of NBN local Victoria said “We are delighted that we have delivered significant improvements to the local NBN Fixed Wireless network. 

These upgrades mean that customers can enjoy access to faster and more reliable speeds, especially at the busiest times of the day, which we know is important to them.  

We are on a mission to deliver even better broadband right across regional Australia, to support the ever-increasing data needs and enable people to do the online activities and services that are most important to them.  

These local upgrades are a part of our broader Fixed Wireless upgrade program, which should see around a million premises benefit by the end of next year."

For more information on the upgrades, please visit this link: Home | nbn (nbnco.com.au) and enter your address.


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