Just As I See It: The National Disability Insurance Scheme

12 November, 2020

The NDIS is a great initiative and I wholeheartedly support the scheme.

However, when governments of the day introduce a new government program such as the NDIS, the private sector looks to see what parts of the program can be captured and create a profit centre in the private market.

What parts can be privatised for profit. The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a big bucket of government money, your money to be exact. 83.4 billion dollars, a very large outlay.

Experts in the field of disability currently decide on the criteria for acceptance into the scheme.

Experts with great experience.

But a review of the NDIS earlier this year recommended market intervention on behalf of participants and a tender to deliver independent assessments of participants will go out shortly with a view to starting the new arrangement early next year.

One advocacy organisation is extremely concerned that independent assessors who do not have the experience, or possibly the qualifications, to assess people with a disability will result in worse outcomes.

This should not be a tick and flick exercise.

So why would you hand over the final say to an unelected, unaccountable, for profit organisation? Whose sole purpose is to return a profit to shareholders and please the masters they serve – the government.

By saying look how much we have saved you by knocking back all of these people who were about to be approved, rather than working in the best interests of those with disabilities.

Qualifications of the privatised assessment team is not stated.

There have been two trials and according to the AAT one was an absolute disaster for the client involved. Have we not learned from the aged care debacle?

People with disabilities and their families deserve special care and consideration. They need all the support that is promised by the NDIS.

I know, I’ve worked with them.

This is just as I see it.

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