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26 July, 2023

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.

Australians are being pummelled with the worst cost of living crisis in a generation. So what’s the government doing about it? They’re distracting, dividing and beating our nation into submission on issues like The Voice, impossible energy transition targets, irrational Industrial Relations laws ...And now, a new Ministry of Truth.

Make no mistake, Labor’s Misinformation Billis the most sinister legislation I’ve encountered during my decades as a parliamentarian. I can’t believe I’m even talking about this issue.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to all my parliamentary colleagues urging them to stand up against this unconscionable assault on our freedom, democracy and Australian way of life.  

Contrary to the views of some commentators, this is not a complex issue - it’s actually very simple. Any nation that allows its government to become the arbiter of truth or shuts down questioning and debate is doomed to become a totalitarian state.

But I’m concerned we’re already well down this path – democracy and free speech as we know it, is already fragile. Some people argue it’s being purposely dismantled. And having had one of my parliamentary speeches removed from YouTube, I now agree.

This sloppily drafted Bill poses the biggest security threat to our nation’s sovereignty and freedoms. Did you know Meta has already pledged money to fund so-called fact-checkers to determine the so-called ‘true facts’ from ‘misinformation’ regarding The Voice - all with our government’s blessing?

And why are global corporations like Meta and Pfizer getting involved in Australia’s upcoming referendum anyway?

With other countries like New Zealand, Canada and the European Union now in lock step to censor and stop free speech, you have to ask what’s going on?

What’s happened to us? Aussies carve their own path – we don’t wait to be told what we can and can’t read, or what we can and can’t say!  

I urge every Australian to speak up now! Whether it’s covid, climate change, or clarity about this Bill, voice your opinions to your federal member – preferably on their Facebook page …while you still can! That’s just as I see it.

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