Excess Deaths - Why the Silence?

19 February, 2024

Russell Broadbent, Independent Member for Monash.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with leading data analyst Ed Dowd, about the alarming rates of excess deaths around the world in the wake of the Covid pandemic. 

Over the weekend he posted some horrifying data from the UK showing that “excess deaths from cardiovascular diseases in people aged 15-44 rose by about 13% in 2020, 30% in 2021 and about 44% in 2022”.

But it’s not just the UK – the rate of excess deaths continues unabated here in our nation too. The number of people I’m hearing about that have suffered strokes or heart attacks is staggering.

So, what’s the cause?  

Was it the lockdowns? Was it the delayed medical care? Was it the overwhelmed healthcare system which still has healthy workers sidelined due to mandates?

Or dare I say, it was the experimental mRNA jabs? Ed certainly thinks so.

The data is there for all the world to see.  If I can view it, then the government and the healthcare authorities can view it too. But we hear nothing in the media or from the government.

Whatever the cause for these excess deaths, one thing is clear: if our nation’s response to Covid was a test, we’ve failed catastrophically.

The lockdowns failed.

The mask mandates failed.

The social distancing failed.

The untested novel vaccines failed.

And the firing of unvaxxed workers failed.

These actions not only failed to stop the infection and transmission but have left a trail of destruction with unprecedented rates of excess deaths.

You’d think the government would be at least a little bit curious as to the cause of our excess deaths, but it’s not. In fact, a couple of weeks ago it voted against such an Inquiry.

None of this makes sense. Australians deserve answers to this serious issue.

That’s justice as I see it.

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