Dr Monique's Story

22 February, 2024

Hello. Russell Broadbent here, member for Monash.

Recently, I’ve been sharing stories about doctors who were suspended from practice during Covid.  Today, I’m sharing the story of a doctor who wasn’t suspended, but was forced to close her practice because she refused to take the experimental jab.

Let me tell you about Dr Monique. 

Dr Monique had over thirty years medical experience and twenty years as a consultant psychiatrist when she was forced to close her medical practice due to the mandates. 

Prior to this, she was highly respected, had an unblemished record and loved her job.  Moreover, Dr Monique held steadfastly to her oath to ‘do no harm’ – to never intentionally harm anyone; least of all the vulnerable patients she was caring for. 

When the mandates were announced, Dr Monique was given just four days to make arrangements and close her practice after which she was forbidden to even access her own work place.  Failure to comply would have jeopardised her medical registration, and potentially attract a heavy fine. 

Dr Monique says her patients were harmed directly through the diabolical mandates, as they found themselves suddenly discharged from her care.  Many of these patients were in the early stages, or mid-way through essential mental health therapy.

I ask, how is this ‘protecting patients’?

Dr Monique suffered irreparable harms to her career, reputation, finances, health, and personal relationships.  Her attempts to seek remedy under Human Rights or Anti-discrimination frameworks failed.  She had no trial and no avenue of appeal.  In her words – she was ‘disappeared, censored and silenced’.

This is just one of the many stories I’ve been told by doctors, and I have to ask – is any wonder our health system is struggling when medical professionals being treated this way?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of healthcare professionals were sidelined by the mandates and many of these still do not have their jobs back.  I’ve been calling for this mandate madness to stop.

This madness must end. Now.

And that’s justice as I see it.

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