AstraZeneca's Admission

9 May, 2024

I’m Russell Broadbent, your Member for Monash

No-one will ever forget the repetitive ‘safe and effective’ claim used to ‘up sell’ Australia’s provisionally approved Covid 19 injections. But I want to remind you that this mantra started from the VERY BEGINNING, when there was no long-term safety data!

Well, now it seems that these claims of ‘safe and effective’ were just that – claims…talking points… some people might even say mis-information.

You see, Astra Zeneca has just admitted in the UK High Court that their Covid vaccines cause blood clots.  They were taken to court by around 50 victims seeking up to 100 million pounds in damages for devastating side effects on blood clotting.

Australians have been reporting adverse reactions to the TGA since early 2021 shortly after the rollout of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

By July 2021 the TGA was reporting deaths associated with the injections.

The TGA’s own database has received 488 adverse eventnotifications where Astra Zeneca was received by the patient, and later died.

Yet it took until March 2023 to remove the injections from our shelves.   Why?!!

Surely, this vaccine should have been suspended immediately when the alarm was first raised…Rather than injecting and mandating healthy people with something that might devastate or end their lives?

This week the company withdrew the vaccine globally, citing ‘commercial reasons’ while claiming it has saved over six million lives!

I say show me the evidence!

And that’s Justice.  As I see it.

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