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20 October, 2022


In this program we will be asking the hard questions and to fill you in as to what we’re doing in the seat of Monash and across the nation.

Our aim with this program is to interact with you, it is not just a presentation by me.

I want you to talk to me about the issues that are important to you. What questions do you want asked?

Whether it’s about vaccinations or the terrible floods we’re facing at the moment, or any other issue that comes to your mind that you want to bring to my attention.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, this is for everybody including you listening today.

My aim is to represent you in the federal parliament to the best of my ability and to make sure we get answers to the questions that need to be answered.

Just this week we have written to the Health Minister asking serious questions around the vaccinations and the mandates and the restrictions that are still affecting many people.

This is your chance to get a direct response from government.

So please, visit the "Have Your Say" page on my website and contact us with your questions. I want to know what you’re thinking.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

That’s just as I see it.

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Please contact my office with any issue or concerns you have. I am here to listen and represent you.
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