A PATH to employment

1 August, 2017

The Turnbull Government is creating more pathways for young people to move off welfare and into a
job with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) increasing their target for the Youth Jobs PaTH
program, aiming to deliver up to 10,000 internships.

This commitment from a key industry body will help deliver highly valuable experience to thousands
of young Australians, helping them develop the skills they require to become job ready.

“The Turnbull Government’s Youth Jobs PaTH is all about giving local young people the skills they
need, giving them practical work experience and getting them a job,” Mr Broadbent said.

“Since the Coalition was elected in 2013 the economy has created more than 700,000 jobs. The Youth
Jobs PaTH program is a central element of the Turnbull Government’s comprehensive plan to get more
Australians into work.”

“Today’s commitment from the AHA will ensure more young people are given a go and gain vital
workplace experience.”

Minister Cash said the Turnbull Government is getting on with the job of helping more young
Australians into work.

“We recognise that the best way to do this is to build a strong economy that enables employers to
be more productive, competitive and innovative and to create more job opportunities,” Minister Cash

“The Coalition believes the best form of welfare is a job and our PaTH program is delivering
opportunities for young Australians to gain the skills and experience they need to move off welfare
and into work.”

Minister Cash said internships improve an applicant’s chances of finding employment and the early
results clearly demonstrate the PaTH program is delivering promising outcomes for participants.

“The results achieved to date demonstrate that PaTH is working as 6,654 individuals have commenced
a training course, 1,015 internship placements have begun and 7,539 Youth Bonus wage subsidy
have been entered into,” Minister Cash said.

Australian Hotels Association WA CEO Bradley Woods said the PaTH program will help thousands of
Australians who have had difficulty getting a start in a job to join the hotel industry.

“Getting a start in the world of employment is always hard, but PaTH offers a much-needed boost,
which is just what so many young people want and need. Financial support for both young people and
business provides a platform for positive long-term employment outcomes,” Mr Woods said.

Minister Cash said the hospitality industry plays a key role in offering opportunities to young
Australians and is a sector that is set to experience significant growth in the coming years.

“The hospitality sector already supports more than 870,000 jobs across Australia and is forecast to
expand rapidly, with almost 100,000 jobs expected to be created in this sector in the next five
years,” Minister Cash said.

PaTH provides additional support to youths who need it most – those who are often highly
disadvantaged either through their personal backgrounds, or by limited employment opportunities in
their region. It helps those who may not have stood much of a chance of securing work if not for
this valuable programme.

The elements of Youth Jobs PaTH are:

• Prepare — Employability Skills Training to help young people better understand what employers
expect of them in the workplace and equip them with the skills, attitude and behaviours for them to
be successful in a job.
• Trial —an internship for a period of between 4 to 12 weeks.
• Hire — a Youth Bonus wage subsidy of up to $10,000 to help more businesses hire young people.
Further information about Youth Jobs PaTH, including internships, is available at jobactive.gov.au/path

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