Why has the Hippocratic Oath been abandoned?

13 May, 2024

Hello, I’m Russell Broadbent, Member for Monash.

I’ve shared the stories of many doctors on this channel – doctors who’ve been suspended, silenced and reprimanded. 

Prior to Covid, the relationship between a patient and doctor was generally accepted as a unique and private one. We trusted doctors to be the gate keepers, the whistle-blowers, the profession who could be trusted to put the needs and interests of patients above their own.

But a recent Sky News report highlights just how far the Code of Conduct for our Australian doctors has deviated from the Hippocratic Oath.

The report says: “The code does not include ancient sections of the Hippocratic Oath which forbid doctors from harming their patients, … instead, health professionals are now instructed to uphold “cultural safety” by considering “respect for diverse cultures”, “beliefs”, “gender identities”, “sexualities” and “experiences of people… and Medical Practitioners must also acknowledge colonisation and systemic racism.”

Many doctors are now deeply concerned about the creeping restrictions on their freedom of speech. For example, we’ve heard countless stories from doctors expressing concerns about the safety of Covid mRNA injections – they have been silenced and suspended for not toeing the narrative line.  These doctors were simply doing their job - scrutinising ‘the science’, asking questions.

Kara Thomas, secretary of the Australian Medical Professional Society clearly sums up by saying: “Evidence-based medicine, informed consent, the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics, and the freedom of political communication have been sacrificed at the altar of Woke and the pharma-industrial complex.”

I can tell you who will suffer if this censorship of our doctors is allowed to continue - it’s the people of this nation.

If we don’t stand up now and help defend the historical foundations of the medical profession, we all stand to lose.

And that’s justice as I see it.

Read the SkyNews article here: https://www.skynews.com.au/lifestyle/health/doctors-demand-overhaul-of-australias-medical-ethics-guidelines-over-new-woke-set-of-codes-arguing-for-return-to-hippocratic-oath/news-story/fe5f2f49fcd0e192e40e2952144beb04

Read Kara Thomas' article here: https://www.spectator.com.au/2024/01/government-censorship-threatens-health-safety-and-scientific-freedom

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