Where's the TGA's transparency?

14 February, 2023

Last month, I sought an urgent meeting with the health minister and the TGA. There has been no response to my request, so I'll ask my questions here. Last year a Queensland GP obtained documents from the TGA under the FOI Act, No. FOI 3727. These documents contained nine assessments conducted by the TGA following reports of someone dying from the COVID-19 vaccine. The deceased people listed on these reports were aged seven, nine, 14, 19, 21, 21, 24, 46 and 44.

So I ask the health minister now: why has the TGA not acted with an abundance of caution to alert the public that they were investigating these deaths—including the cardiac arrest of a seven-year-old and of a nine-year-old? Why do these reports not appear on the TGA's disclosure log? Does it have anything to do with the TGA's own response to the GP that they 'contain sensitive personal information about deceased persons' and that 'the disclosure of the documents could undermine public confidence and reduce the willingness of the public to report adverse events to the TGA'? Why has the TGA not responded to doctors who raised these issues with you six months ago, including drawing your attention to those case reports? This information is extremely alarming and demands an immediate response from the TGA.

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