Where are the doctors?

25 March, 2024

I read today, that finally NSW Health looks set to scrap its useless, redundant and discriminatory Covid mandates.

But we’re still waiting for Victoria to drop its three jab or no work policy.

I still receive heartbreaking calls from doctors, nurses, firies, police officers and paramedics who were terminated from their jobs – many of them charged with ‘serious misconduct’ - for not submitting to the experimental covid jab.

Mind you, even in the midst of their distress and suffering at the injustices perpetrated against them, not one of them regrets not getting it.

And why would they?

With unprecedented rates of excess deaths, heart attacks, strokes, turbo cancer and auto-immune disease, thousands of esteemed doctors and academics across the world continue to plead for the mRNA jabs to be banned.

Let me be clear, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear there’s no shortage of peer-reviewed, scientific evidence.  It’s just not being reported on mainstream news.

I know doctors are hearing reports of adverse injuries in their patients but are too afraid to speak up for fear of retribution from AHPRA.

What happened to the doctor’s oath of first do no harm?

I say to doctors across Australia, it’s not too late to stand up and share your concerns.

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