We do care about the cost of living

6 September, 2023

 On Saturday morning, I was attending the tyre service to get a puncture repaired. The owner recognised my face, which surprised me, and decided to let me know in no uncertain terms what he thought about politicians but also what he thought about the cost of his mortgage increasing by $1,100 a month. He blamed us all. I was not embarrassed—I entered into a discussion with him, as we always do. For me it was hard because I know it's not only the increase. It increased by $1,100 a month, but how much are all of the other costs for that family owned business now? I had a small business myself, so I fully understood where he was coming from. I'd had a business in that town for nearly 30 years. I felt for that guy, earning a living every day, with five employees. The young fellow that helped me did an absolutely magnificent job on the tyre, and I thanked him for his expertise. But I'd have to say: we do care about the cost of living and what is happening in your business and in your households.

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