Vale Shane Warne

9 March, 2022

Watching Offsiders last Sunday, I was drawn to Gideon Haigh’s response to the death of Shane Warne.

Haigh is an author of a book on Shane. Haigh said “let’s look at who Shane Warne was cricket aside.”

He said this “That the man was punctual, he had an affection for children, respect for elders and was well mannered, well brought up as the authors Mum would say.”

Warne was known for his loyalty and generosity. Many others have mentioned, as Haigh did, how much he loved his children.

Outside of Warne’s brilliance and his cricket achievements, he was flawed.

A flawed man who owned his weaknesses and fessed up. We are all flawed, but some basic characteristics shine through.

So here is an opportunity to celebrate a real bloke by honouring his strengths.

He could speak to, and had a respect for, all people no matter their station in life.

He was courteous. He didn’t try to be anyone else but himself. Flawed, yes, but he owned his behaviour and said to Leigh Sales in an interview “I try to learn from my mistakes and be a better person”.

Shane Warne was a hero because he was bigger than cricket.

He retained his down to earth love of the people.

He loved to entertain. He loved to be the centre of attention. And he thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with everyone.

He had a talent above cricket to make people feel special - respect for people does that.

Men have a lot to learn from Shane Warne.

Vale Shane Warne.

That’s just as I see it.

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