Too many unanswered questions

6 March, 2023

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics released their updated excess mortality statistics. They show a staggering 22,886 excess deaths between January and November 2022. Put in perspective, that’s equivalent to a fully laden A380 crashing and everyone on board dying every week of the year.

Covid deaths account for less than half these excess deaths so there is something very wrong - this is not normal. And this trend is not unique to Australia – it’s happening across other western countries as well.

Surely we owe it to these people and their families to ask the question: What on earth is going on?

I urge you to ask questions of your local doctor and state and federal representatives because they’re not answering my questions. For instance:

This is not a so-called “conspiracy theory”. This term is an easy cheap shot, which in the face of even the remote possibility innocent people are being harmed, is cowardly and inhumane.

We need answers. We need them fast.

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