These miserable mandates make no sense

1 March, 2023

Mandates make no sense and I'll tell you why. They are unscientific and they’re causing untold suffering for families, workforce shortages and economic damage to our country.

It’s a double tragedy. While our precious, brave, and selfless frontline workers are unable to work, those in need of their care, skill and expertise miss out.

John and Caitlin, married with six children are prime examples of this mandate madness. Caitlin is a clinical nurse specialist with post graduate qualifications in acute care and a master's degree in clinical teaching and John is a paramedic and former commercial helicopter pilot.

Caitlin has spent her entire adult career working in emergency departments around Australia and more recently for NSW Health working in the health and wellbeing department in schools. She was sacked by her employer after nearly 30 years of service.

John was instrumental in organising the initial response from the NSW Health Department to the Bali Bombings. He initiated the calls with Qantas which led to a joint medical and retrieval response. John has been elected mayor and deputy mayor of his local community. He too was sacked after 25 years of service.

John and Caitlin are now serving coffee and cleaning toilets at McDonalds.

Then there’s Bob, a bus driver in his mid-60s who told me his employer wants him back vaccinated or not, BUT Bob must be vaccinated to renew his licence! He and his wife have run out of savings and are being forced to sell their house.

And Josh, a professional firefighter can enter his work premises as a volunteer firefighter, just not as a professional, paid firefighter.

These miserable mandates are despicable and cruel. They are a national disgrace.

The Victorian and state governments need to drop these mandates now!

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