Stop the Scammers

13 February, 2024

Australia, listen to me. There is a scourge that is running across this country, and it is unabated. It is scamming. In my circle alone I have one very sensible couple who were scammed of $100,000 through giving information they thought they were giving to their bank. For another friend it was $40,000. These aren't people who are elderly or frail; they are people who have common sense. They are reasonable, they are hardworking and they're losing money right across this country. For heaven 's sake, Australia, listen. The government will do all it can to help you. The bank will do all it can to help you. But please, I beg you: do not give information about your bank to people over the phone. If it is your bank, they know all the information. If it is your local branch ringing, they know all your information. They don't need more. They don't need the number of your bank account. Please. This is everywhere, and it seems to be unsolvable and that the scammers are winning. From this day on, I want Australians to begin winning and stopping the scammers in their tracks.

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