Opening Prom Country Aged Care New Wing

26 November, 2018

Last week, together with CEO Rhett McLennan and resident Audrey Truscott, I had the pleasure of opening a new wing at Prom Country Aged Care in Foster. The staff and residents are absolutely proud of their new building and the community effort that has contributed so heavily to the success of Prom Country Aged Care.

Prom Country Aged Care is a leader in caring for and supporting families and the elderly in the Prom Coast region. It began as Toora Nursing Home in January 1985. In 2009, the federal government approved a $9 million grant for the construction of a new, 60-bed aged-care facility. The board of management and executive management team are to be congratulated on their dedication and passion for ensuring that Prom Coast locals have this level of care and support provided within their own community. I want to mention and honour the board of management: Bill Bray; Tristan White; Jackie Dargaville; Sandy Bucello, who's been a driving force and someone who has pushed me; Phil Nightingall; Joan Liley; Liz Davies; and Llew Vale.

One thing I want to say to the House is: there's an inquiry into the provision of aged care in Australia at the moment. But these people are absolutely dedicated. They have a $2.6 million new aged-care facility, which we opened, but they are really concerned that they are being targeted as not being competent in what they're doing. They are. They're amazing. We've got to remember that 99.9 per cent of our aged-care providers do a great job.

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