OpenDAEN: Staggering Numbers

27 May, 2024

Hello, I’m Russell Broadbent, your Independent Member for Monash.

In previous broadcasts I’ve shared many stories of Australians whose lives have been turned upside-down since they had the Covid-19 injection.

People who now suffer from such severe and debilitating symptoms they can no longer work or care for their children, and are now reliant on others for support.

People like Kara, who used to provide care, but is now the one needing care. People like Jacob who now suffers from chronic pericarditis, myocarditis, and an autoimmune disease. People like Max who’s unable to work and live his life as he normally would have, without strong medication. 

At every turn, these people have had to fight to be heard and believed and have their life-changing injuries acknowledged.  Even now, many are not receiving the help that they need and deserve. 

And I’m not sure why - because the TGA’s own Database of Adverse Event Notifications – the D.A.E.N – has over 139,000 reported adverse events, including 1010 deaths which involve the Covid injections.

While the TGA is quick to clarify that an adverse event report does not necessarily mean the medicine is the cause of the adverse event - when you consider that the number of reported events for Covid injections represents 20% of adverse events for all medicines for the last 50 years – these numbers are staggering.

Why aren’t the authorities, medical profession, and media not up in arms! 

Don’t they understand the scale of the problem?

Well, a new website has been launched to help us all make sense of the TGA’s D.A.E.N.

Called OpenDAEN, this site presents the TGA’s adverse event reports in a way we can all understand. 

As a result of hundreds of hours of meticulous work by volunteer researchers, this site will help to raise the questions that must be asked about the safety and efficacy of the Covid injections.

And that’s justice as I see it.

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