Nikki's Story

15 March, 2023

Today I want you to hear from a mum, Nikki, who’s reached out and asked me to share her family’s story with my parliamentary colleagues.

The rate of severe injuries caused by Covid-19 vaccines and excess deaths – especially in younger people - should be front page news.

It’s one thing for the majority of my colleagues to deliberately block, mock and ignore this unfolding human health crisis. But why is the media doing the same?

It seems that the Oscars and reality TV updates take precedence…Really?

Where’s our humanity? Where’s our compassion?

There’s a time for politics and debate, and there’s a time to unite for the good of our nation.

And that time is now!

Here’s Nikki’s story.

If you need support, please visit vaccine injury support organisations such as COVERSE and crisis support services such as Lifeline by calling 13 11 14.

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