Lies, Damned Lies and Misinformation

18 January, 2024

Russell Broadbent here, your Member for Monash.

I’m done with the lies, damned lies and misinformation peddled by our mainstream media.

If there’s a silver lining to these hideous pandemic years, hands down it’s the privilege to have met thousands of men and women who, in the face of unrelenting distress and suffering, have all displayed a unique and rare blend of moral courage, critical thinking and compassion.

One of these people is Professor Ian Brighthope – a retired medical practitioner with more than 40 years experience in the health sector.

Professor Brighthope comes from the generation that acts with caution, calm and care. So last week, when he accused our government of lying, I take notice.

In a recent article he said, and I quote:

“They lied to us. The government, media, institutions and trusted professionals, all of them spread the lies. Now it is time to have a broad-based Royal Commission to hold them accountable for their lies and misinformation”.

Well, I agree him!

In fact, I’ll go a step further.

In the absence of any other explanation - not just because of the lies, but because of the ongoing censorship and suppression of irrefutable scientific evidence, I have no option but to agree with former Blackrock adviser, Ed Dowd, who recently commented that ‘institutional silence is prima facie evidence of a crime’.

Why are governments, medical professions and mainstream media refusing to tell the truth? Why aren’t medical professions raising the alarm about all the people – relatively young and fit and previously well people - that are suddenly dying from heart attacks, cardiac arrests and turbo cancer and contracting auto-immune conditions that no-one can explain?

Why is our government allowing social media companies and global corporations like the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation to ride roughshod over our country’s sovereignty?

And I have to ask why my fellow parliamentarians are turning a blind eye to what I can only describe as the deliberate silencing of truth?

Our government and its agencies must be open and transparent.

Their refusal to interrogate the data and genuinely engage with Australians about the alarming rates of vaccine injuries and excess deaths is not only extremely concerning, but as Ed Dowd said recently, it’s starting to wreak of a cover up.

And that’s just as I see it.

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