Just As I See It: Road Safety

1 April, 2021

Your life is precious – not only for you but your loved ones. You’ve heard this before but safety on our roads is paramount and should be at the forefront of your mind coming into this busy holiday period.

Gumbuya World is a popular adventure park located in my electorate in country Victoria. They have a permit to see 8,000 cars through an intersection crossing the Princes Highway every day. These cars intersect with cars travelling at speeds of 100 km/h near the entrance of this popular tourist attraction. The intersection has low visibility, and multiple accidents have occurred here as a product of these factors. As a community, we have seen too many lives lost and too many mistakes made at a place that is meant to spark memories of joy and laughter – not of trauma and regret.

I recently met with the federal Minister for Road Safety and Transport, Mr Scott Buchholz to discuss plans about how we can best alleviate this issue. I also met with state member Gary Blackwood and the CEO of Gumbuya World Ron Weinzierl to consider the constant danger this intersection facilitates, and how the state and federal governments can band together to bring safety back to this part of our highway. Creating a permanent fix to this intersection will take time. But you can take action now to prevent any more lives from being lost.

We must drive to the conditions of this busy intersection at this busy time. We must turn our attention back to safety on our roads, safety for our community, and safety for our loved ones. Small mistakes made when driving come with big consequences. We must keep the focus on road safety front and centre.

That’s just how I see it.

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