Improved Digital Connectivity for Nyora

9 June, 2021

People living in Nyora can now look forward to new and improved telecommunications services thanks to the government’s Regional Connectivity Program (the RCP).

Member for Monash, Mr Russell Broadbent today announced Nyora will benefit from new and improved digital connectivity under the program.

The South Gippsland Community secured $204,162 for a new Telstra 4GX macro cell base station.

The new base station will provide improved mobile connectivity to support significant anticipated population growth in the district, as well as the operations of retail businesses, industrial and agricultural enterprises, and community facilities which service the growing township.

“I’m thrilled that residents and businesses in Nyora will enjoy the benefits and opportunities that improved digital connectivity brings,” Mr Broadbent said.

“The Nyora community has long been campaigning for better connectivity in this area.” Mr Broadbent  said.

“This project will provide people in regional Australia access to improved broadband services and data delivering fast, affordable and reliable connectivity. This will help keep our businesses connected, our families stay in touch and mean we can better access Telehealth and online services.”

“Connectivity – digital and physical – is vital for regional Australia to fulfil its full potential to do business, work and raise a family, no more so than now with the unprecedented interest in people living and working in a regional area.”

The Federal Government is contributing a total of $117.4 million (GST inclusive) to the first round of the RCP, generating total new investment of more than $232 million (GST inclusive) through co-contributions from funding recipients, state and territory governments and other third parties, such as local governments, regional businesses and community development organisations.

In addition, the Government has made further funding of $105.8 million available for a second round of the program and will call for applications later this year, following consultation of program guidelines.

The delivery of successful projects under the Program will begin shortly with most projects to be completed by June 2022.

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