I stand with the vax-injured

27 March, 2024

Last week a 52-year-old woman from my electorate called me in great distress. Her name is Verity. Previously fit and healthy, Verity told me about the horrific pain and suffering she endured after reluctantly submitting to the COVID injection. Ironically, Verity had been terminated from her job as a midwife due to the mandates because she was waiting for Novavax—a decision she came to after seeing her sister diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome following a Pfizer injection.

Verity outlined the disgraceful treatment she received from the very people who should have given her comfort and solace when she sought treatment for her symptoms. Not one but two doctors accused her of being an anti-vaxxer. She was told us that her reactions meant 'the jab must be working' and that her severe chest pain and inability to breathe was 'just anxiety'.

But it was her parting pleas that struck me hardest. Through loud sobs, she said to me:

Russell, thank you for listening to me—I've been silenced, censored and ridiculed, and felt completely isolated … How can a doctor call me an anti-vaxxer when I took the vaccine?

I'm a politician, and you can ridicule me; we're paid for that. But don't ridicule or abandon these injured people.

I stand with Verity and all the voiceless vaccine injured, including Ro, who is in the gallery today, and Rado and Kara, who are unable to be here due to ill health. I seek leave to table Verity's email.

Leave not granted.

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