Hope that right and justice will prevail

24 November, 2021

A young man about to complete his four year apprenticeship was unable to sit his final exam unless double vaccinated. No exemptions.

The mum of a daughter who’d had an horrific reaction to a vaccine was told by the neurologist “your daughter must never have another vaccination”. 

The severe allergic reaction had caused the girl’s body to convulse so badly that it broke her bones.

Recently that same neurologist refused to provide a COVID vaccination exemption for the daughter.

The mother simply wants to save her child.  But this is but one of the many conversation I’ve had.  And they all end pleading to me for to help.

What happened to first do no harm?  Welcome to Australia.

You want to talk rights of the majority over the individual for the greater good – go right ahead. I'll continue to represent my people.

Some time ago, I had an intractable situation. I’d exhausted every avenue on my constituent’s behalf.  So I grabbed the file and wrote across the front :

When all else fails - there is always hope.

And I sent it by hand to the Minister.

In that instance, right and justice took precedence over populism, policy, prejudice, politics and fear.

Vaccine mandates without reasonable exemptions are not only unconscionable – they are criminal.

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