Holding the government accountable

15 January, 2024

It was a privilege to chat with Mr Julian Gillespie and Dr Duncan Syme about holding the government to account for decisions made during pandemic.

Australians suffered through mandates, lockdowns and border closures. Now we’re seeing the highest excess death rates ever recorded and countless jab injuries.

I have serious questions about Australia’s pandemic response, as do over 40 professionals and academics who have created this Covid-19 Royal Commission Terms of Reference document.

It lists more than 50 aspects of Australia’s response that need to be investigated, questions like:

• What was the evidence behind the lockdowns and border closures?

• Why were safe and known treatment options banned?

• Why were Australians mandated to have a jab that didn’t even stop infection or transmission?

The document is the results of a collaboration of over 15 organisations, representing countless professionals and everyday Australians.

You now have the opportunity to join the thousands who have already signed below: https://amps.redunion.com.au/proposed-terms-of-reference-for-the-covid-19-royal-commission

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