High expectations for those that need it the most

7 February, 2023

I've had some shocking days in my office in my time here since 1990. But yesterday, I spent an hour with three vaccine-injured people and heard the worst, most horrific stories I have heard in this place as a federal member for all of this time. I say to Kara Potter, Lisa Walmsley and Michelle Longhurst—and Kara's with us today in the gallery—I have never heard such horrific stories in my time as a federal parliamentarian in this place.

I have written a letter to Mark Butler with a number of questions. Along with that letter, I've sent 23 case stories, including Kara's. In my office, I said to all three: 'Your representatives are your representatives in this place. You voted for them; they're here.' I sent Kara to Kirsty McBain, the member for Eden-Monaro. I haven't heard from the health minister, but my expectation is high.

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