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17 August, 2023

Hello. Russell Broadbent here – Member for Monash

I want to update you on the Albanese Government’s chilling new law aimed at combatting so called misinformation and disinformation.  This bill will give ACMA - the Australian Communications and Media Authority - the power to decide what is ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’.

They will have the final say and the power to compel tech companies to keep records of people – people like you and me – who say the wrong thing as decided by the government of the day.  The government will also determine the penalty or punishment.

If that’s not bad enough, the government will be exempt from their own rules, making the Albanese government the ‘arbiters of truth’!

This Bill will allow for total government control and zero accountability.

Even the tech giants Facebook and Twitter are worried, saying the Albanese government’s Bill “could be abused” and also harm free speech.  The head of public policy from Meta (Facebook/Instagram) said these laws could be used to ‘chill free and legitimate political expression online.’

And top Australian lawyers are also alarmed saying it could be “easy to politicise… (and) …damaging to democracy”.

Let me be clear - this Bill spells the end of freedom of expression in Australia. We’ve already seen horrendous censorship of doctors and others during the pandemic.

Documents obtained (by Senator Antic) under Freedom of information show the Australian Government were behind the censoring of over 4000 posts on social media during the covid era.  Including posts about the vaccine not stopping transmission, the ineffectiveness of masking, lockdowns and more. 

The hard-earned dollars of everyday Australians are being used to CENSOR everyday Australians.

This is appalling!

Free speech is an integral part of our Australian democracy and society – it’s the best defence against misinformation.  Don’t let the Albanese government tell you otherwise.

We’re fast approaching the closing date for public submissions on August the 20th. Please have your say by signing the petition below and contacting your local MP to let them know your views.

That’s justice as I see it.

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