Have you been censored online?

24 August, 2023

Hello. Russell Broadbent here, Member for Monash.

I want to tell you about Coverse, a national peak body formed by vax-injured Australians, to support other vax-injured Australians. 

Last week, Coverse lodged a submission outlining their fears about the misinformation and disinformation Bill.

It’s a distressing read which highlights how many vax injured Australians have been silenced, accused of spreading misinformation, and censored by social media corporations simply for sharing their personal stories of vaccine injury.

I’ve heard thousands of heartbreaking stories in my life – but some of the most harrowing are from these people, whose lives have been destroyed by the Covid-19 vaccines.

These are traumatic and gut-wrenching stories. Not just because of their injuries, but because of the blatant refusal of medical and government authorities to acknowledge them. 

Every day I hear from previously fit, healthy, working-age people who’ve been debilitated or disabled by these vaccines. 

People like former nurse, Stephanie, who was forced to take the injection to keep her job, and now suffers debilitating and painful symptoms which have ruined her life.

People like firefighter, Paul, who now relies on government payments to survive. Paul took the jab to keep his job in order to pay his mortgage and feed his kids… but now he’s lost both his job and his home.

On top of this, imagine how it feels to have doctors refuse to acknowledge or document your injury as vax related for fear of retribution from their registration body?

Imagine how it feels when this unbearable stress leads to your relationship breaking down as you navigate your new life of suffering, pain and anguish?

And then, just when you think things can’t get any worse, imagine how it feels when Facebook or Twitter deletes your post or closes your account because your own personal story is deemed to be misinformation – misinformation that is supposedly ‘damaging to public health’ or ‘violates community guidelines

This is utter lunacy. It’s unjust and it’s un-Australian.

But it’s true! See for yourself by checking out the links to Coverse and Jab Injuries Australia in the comments below.

This level of interference and tyranny should terrify us all.

Yes, tyranny – I’m going to call it what it is!

Even the Australian Human Rights Commissioner Lorraine Finlay is on the front page of The Australian today, warning that government legislation has ‘not struck right balance’ regarding this Bill and that ‘Labor’s proposed laws to combat online misinformation could undermine democracy, erode public trust and jeopardise free speech’.

Where are all the left-leaning libertarians that used to stand up for free speech? Where’s our compassion, where’s our humanity?

That’s justice I see it.

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