Government trying to do good but eroding our freedoms

29 November, 2022

I wonder how many Australians know that G20 leaders recently declared their commitment to a global digital health network and, more importantly, what this might mean for all of us. The G20 have signed a joint declaration which promotes a global standard on proof of vaccination for international travel. It calls for global digital health networks that build on existing digital COVID vaccine passport technology. In short, the G20 has agreed to a global COVID vaccine passport. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese signed off on a declaration of intent in Bali this month. The next step is for a treaty to be signed. If that proceeds then Australians will have unknowingly signed off their rights to an unelected foreign body. This means that an organisation like the World Health Organization will be able to dictate to Australians what to do with their bodies if they wish to travel overseas. Scarily, it's legal. It's not illegal; it's legal. These decisions are already in place in other countries such as the US, where you cannot enter the country as an international traveller unless you are fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption. Australians must stand up and say no to their elected representatives and government before it's too late. I spoke in the parliament only a few minutes ago on the possibility of erosion of freedoms as we walk into good legislation and new technologies in these cases. This is another example of the government trying to do good but eroding our freedoms once again.

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