Dr Valerie's story

22 November, 2023

Hello, I’m Russell Broadbent, member for Monash.

Today I’m continuing the series of stories about suspended doctors.

These doctors have been suspended from practice during the Covid years for so-called crimes including questioning the narrative, providing legitimate medical exemptions, and prescribing medications to treat covid.

Let me tell you about Dr Valerie. 

Dr Valerie was suspended in November 2021 by AHPRA and the Medical Board under their immediate action powers. 

The reason? Issuing Vaccine exemption certificates.

Dr Valerie tells me AHPRA alleged all of the exemptions were fraudulent and gave her only one day to submit her defence. 

Medical files were demanded and, most shocking of all, her practice was raided by armed police!

One month after suspension, the medical board reviewed Dr Valerie’s case – in her absence.

They informed her the suspension stood, and that both AHPRA and the Medical Board considered she posed a serious threat to public health. 

At a later hearing, Dr Valerie was told she was, and I quote, a ‘threat to trust in the medical profession.’

This is a doctor who has practiced for decades with no concerns whatsoever from the regulator or medical board.

Dr Valerie is still suspended and unable to work or support her patients.

What is going on?! This doesn’t sound like due process to me.

It’s alarming that members of the medical profession like Dr Valerie have been subject to such actions for simply writing vaccine exemptions.

Something is very wrong. 

I have more stories to tell.  In each case, the doctor has suffered tremendously through the suspension process.

These doctors tell me the process is the punishment, and many have given up hope of ever returning to practicing medicine again.

The voices of these doctors must be heard if we are to find out what is going on in our healthcare system.

And that’s justice as I see it.

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