Don't leave Australia in the Dark

28 February, 2024

One coal fired power station closes and no replacement.

A second coal-fired power station closes and no replacement.

A third coal-fired station power closes and no replacement. And then our biggest generator at Loy Yang fails at a critical moment.

The rest of the world laughs at Australia when it comes to our energy markets. We produce over three times the amount of energy consumed in our country, but still - prices remain unjustifiably high.

The vulnerable of Australia are the ones who feel the pinch of energy prices first, they can't afford renewable ideology. And frankly, neither can the rest of Australia.

The government is unable to develop these projects, they are at the mercy of private investment giants. And they are only here because of the multi-million-dollar subsidies that the government throws their way. What's stopping these investors from walking when they notice that their counterparts no longer want the political and legal liability associated with so called 'environmental and social investing'.

An article in The Australian by Chris Mitchell highlights the action the rest of the world is taking while Australia sits on its hands, still trying to fit into club global.

Every two weeks, China is building brand new and all-time efficient coal-fired power stations as well as increasing its use of gas. Yet at the same time, they are building the wind and solar components for Australia, using their own effective coal-fired electricity to do so.

Car manufacturers across the board are trying to delay or get out of any emission agreements because they also understand; the forecasts are inaccurate, the agenda can't be trusted and the infrastructure just isn't there.

In my own electorate, I have heard of shocking stories where people on life support couldn’t depend on their power. We have the resources, and we used to have the infrastructure - and it will be too late when Australia experiences blackouts as a result.

In the long run, we need to be thinking about sustainability in its former meaning - the ability to maintain productivity, and that is not possible if Australia is left in the dark.

That's justice as I see it.

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