At the end of the day, it comes down to a matter of trust.

Russell Broadbent here, your Member for Monash.

This week is National Volunteer Week, where we celebrate the diverse passions and talents everyone brings to volunteering.

There are currently more than five million volunteers across this Nation - and we have more volunteers in regional areas compared to capital cities.

Just a few weeks ago, I visited the Mirboo North Storm Cell Volunteers to seek an update on the progress that’s been made since the catastrophic storms in February.

This storm flattened forests, sheered off massive trees at their base and ripped apart buildings in the small community of Mirboo North. The damage done is simply indescribable.

As is often the case, it wasn’t the council or emergency services that were the first ones to assist Mirboo North after the storm had passed - it was the local community.

Not that the council were not great at their response, just that the locals were first on the scene.

And it’s been the local volunteers that sustained the recovery, donating resources and assisting with the clean-up. It’s not over yet.

It’s so important to get out and volunteer in your local community, not only are you bettering the lives of those who you are helping, but you will no doubt make some long-lasting friendships through it as well.

Our volunteers in Monash are resilient, compassionate, hardworking, and dedicated – and more than ever, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their selfless work across our communities.

That’s justice as I see it.

Hello, I’m Russell Broadbent, Member for Monash.

I’ve shared the stories of many doctors on this channel – doctors who’ve been suspended, silenced and reprimanded. 

Prior to Covid, the relationship between a patient and doctor was generally accepted as a unique and private one. We trusted doctors to be the gate keepers, the whistle-blowers, the profession who could be trusted to put the needs and interests of patients above their own.

But a recent Sky News report highlights just how far the Code of Conduct for our Australian doctors has deviated from the Hippocratic Oath.

The report says: “The code does not include ancient sections of the Hippocratic Oath which forbid doctors from harming their patients, … instead, health professionals are now instructed to uphold “cultural safety” by considering “respect for diverse cultures”, “beliefs”, “gender identities”, “sexualities” and “experiences of people… and Medical Practitioners must also acknowledge colonisation and systemic racism.”

Many doctors are now deeply concerned about the creeping restrictions on their freedom of speech. For example, we’ve heard countless stories from doctors expressing concerns about the safety of Covid mRNA injections – they have been silenced and suspended for not toeing the narrative line.  These doctors were simply doing their job - scrutinising ‘the science’, asking questions.

Kara Thomas, secretary of the Australian Medical Professional Society clearly sums up by saying: “Evidence-based medicine, informed consent, the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics, and the freedom of political communication have been sacrificed at the altar of Woke and the pharma-industrial complex.”

I can tell you who will suffer if this censorship of our doctors is allowed to continue - it’s the people of this nation.

If we don’t stand up now and help defend the historical foundations of the medical profession, we all stand to lose.

And that’s justice as I see it.

Read the SkyNews article here:

Read Kara Thomas' article here:

When Raphael refused to be jabbed, his employer, NSW Health, asked him to make a case for why he should be exempt from the covid mandates. His employer ignored his submission and fired him anyway.

But in the process of researching, he discovered evidence that not only confirmed his decision, but some of it got published in major medical journals! His work even caught the attention of Dr Robert Malone, who invited Raphael to provide testimony for the US Senate. And to top it off, after pursuing his employer for unjust treatment, Raphael engaged a compensation lawyer and won his case!

Find more links to his story in the comments below:

Russell Broadbent here, your Member for Monash.

On Tuesday, the Reserve Bank chose to put cash rates on hold, keeping them at 4.35%.

This means ongoing pressure for mortgage-holders, unless the Government listens to the Reserve Bank, takes accountability, and gets its priorities straight.

While the Reserve Bank is trying to curb inflation, the Government is feeding it – spending an ever-exceeding amount of tax-payer money on deluded and unproductive ventures.

If government is genuine about its intention to ease cost-of-living pressures, it should take a contractionary approach in next week’s Budget.

So, what exactly is the government going to do alleviate cost-of-living pressures?

Sure, the revised tax cuts will come into effect later this year, which was the obvious thing to do.

But there’s been an average 7.6% increase in our tax rates since last year – the highest in the world - so these modified stage three tax cuts will only return a small portion back to us, the people.

And any other incentives, subsidies, or stimulus in the name of ‘Cost of living’ will simply continue to delay future rate cuts and continue to put hard working families under the pump.

When the Federal Budget is handed down next week, I want to see the government put aside its shiny targets aimed at securing short term political gain, and start to reign in its reckless spending to tackle inflation, which is a hidden tax on us all.

That would be for the benefit of all Australians.

That’s justice as I see it.  

I’m Russell Broadbent, your Member for Monash

No-one will ever forget the repetitive ‘safe and effective’ claim used to ‘up sell’ Australia’s provisionally approved Covid 19 injections. But I want to remind you that this mantra started from the VERY BEGINNING, when there was no long-term safety data!

Well, now it seems that these claims of ‘safe and effective’ were just that – claims…talking points… some people might even say mis-information.

You see, Astra Zeneca has just admitted in the UK High Court that their Covid vaccines cause blood clots.  They were taken to court by around 50 victims seeking up to 100 million pounds in damages for devastating side effects on blood clotting.

Australians have been reporting adverse reactions to the TGA since early 2021 shortly after the rollout of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

By July 2021 the TGA was reporting deaths associated with the injections.

The TGA’s own database has received 488 adverse eventnotifications where Astra Zeneca was received by the patient, and later died.

Yet it took until March 2023 to remove the injections from our shelves.   Why?!!

Surely, this vaccine should have been suspended immediately when the alarm was first raised…Rather than injecting and mandating healthy people with something that might devastate or end their lives?

This week the company withdrew the vaccine globally, citing ‘commercial reasons’ while claiming it has saved over six million lives!

I say show me the evidence!

And that’s Justice.  As I see it.

Link to news article here:

Russell Broadbent here, your federal Member for Monash.

In the wake of the Bondi and Sydney Church stabbings, there’s been intense media attention and public discourse about the powers of our government to regulate social media.

I was mentioned on the 7am Podcast recently, which considered free speech in the context of social media platforms and the eSafety Commissioner’s so called ‘take down’ powers, specifically in regard to X’s refusal to remove the video of the Sydney Church stabbing.

Is this post confronting? Of course it is.

It breaks my heart that we live in a world where this kind of behaviour has become accepted as the norm.
But if distressing and confronting issues are not publicised and spoken about, what does that say about where this nation is heading?

I deeply fear for both ourselves, and for our future generations if this unelected eSafety Commissioner, and the Government of the day, can dictate what news the Australian people can and can’t see.

You might have missed it – but on 22 November 2023, the Minister for Communications announced the commencement of a statutory review into the operation of the Online Safety Act.

This Act, commenced in January 2022, introduced a regulatory framework to allegedly ‘improve and promote’ the safety of Australians online.

And it gives extremely broad powers to the eSafety Commissioner.

I fear that the truth, often classified as misinformation or disinformation (as is occurring in the case of X’s post of the Sydney Church stabbing), will be censored by the eSafety Commissioner in the name of ‘improving and promoting the safety of Australians.’

Where do we draw the line?

Alarmingly, this review will consider whether we need to give even more power to the eSafety Commissioner.

I urge you to have your say on the Online Safety Act by 5pm 21 June, which you can access through the following link: Statutory Review of the Online Safety Act 2021 | Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

If the Australian people don’t stand up for their freedoms now, they may never be able to again.

That’s justice as I see it.

How many more stories like Tania’s will it take for government authorities and medical practitioners in this nation to show up, believe and respond compassionately to the vax injured?  

Listen to Tania’s brave call for government officials and bureaucrats to listen to and believe the desperate pleas for help from the thousands of vaccine injured Australians.

Russell Broadbent here, your Independent Member for Monash.

Did you know that in 2022 alone, Australians lost three billion dollars to scammers?

Every day, scammers are becoming more sophisticated in getting their hands on our money and personal details.

If you have been scammed and lost money or personal information, make sure you:

Contact your bank immediately, and report that you have been scammed.

Contact IDCare on 1800 595 160 or online at

Report the scam to Scamwatch online at

You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed about being scammed – it can happen to anyone.

In fact, over five hundred thousand Australians fell victim to a scam in the 2022-23 financial year.

This is your reminder to be wary of incoming scams – especially through phone calls, emails, and social media.

Let’s make Australia a no-go zone for scammers.

That’s justice as I see it.

Russell Broadbent here, your Independent Federal Member for Monash.

One hundred years ago, in country areas across Victoria and Australia, 20% of women were dying in childbirth, as compared to those women in the city who only had a 3% chance of death after childbirth.

The country communities were so outraged by this that local and state governments created bush nursing hospitals across country areas in Victoria and Australia, and reduced the incidences of deaths through childbirth to 3% – the same as their city cousins.

So when I read in the Herald Sun recently a report that there’s been a 20% increase in cardiac arrests in Victoria since 2019, and that 95% of patients are dying, I was reminded of the mortality rates amongst women all those years ago.

If that’s not shocking enough, the proposed response is to push for more first aid training and defibrillators.

But as in the past, we must ask: what is the root cause of this massive spike in cardiac arrests?

I don’t know if it’s the covid injection. But if it’s not, surely we must ask ourselves why? Why is there a 20% increase in cardiac arrests over the past 5 years?

Given Australia’s unexplained excess deaths, I have written to the Hon Mark Butler - the Minister for Health – to ask if his department is willing to include Covid-19 vaccine mandates in their scope of investigation into the possible cause of this very disturbing trend.

I ask these questions as I have done for 3 years. Without judgment of anybody, only asking why.

That’s justice as I see it.

Russell Broadbent here, your Independent Member for Monash.

I’ve had thousands of conversations with people across our nation about a whole range of injustices suffered during the Covid-pandemic.

Conversations about the blatant disregard of our human rights by government officials that led to record-high days in lockdown, border closures, both state and international, forced vaccination mandates and especially the right to gather together, for example no church services.

A picture paints a thousand words, and I could talk for days about the hardships endured by Australians during the pandemic.

But the numbers tell an even more riveting story:

There was a total of $577 billion taxpayer dollars spent on theCovid responseby federal and state governments.

This includes $247 million on Covid tests and over $18 billion on Covid vaccines and treatment supply.

The Australian government purchased over 267 million Covid vaccine doses. Enough to vaccinate Australia’s population ten times over!  And last week it was reported that of these 267 million doses, only 26% have been used and 35% have been wasted – just thrown away!

That’s millions of taxpayer dollars, literally down the drain, while everyday Australians struggle to make ends meet! Where’s the accountability? Where’s the explanation for such incompetence?

The Department of Health posted 19 thousand times about Covid on social media, and the Australian Government censored 4000 social media posts as ‘misinformation’, many of which have subsequently been proven to be true!

And finally, there were 2662 complaints made to the Australian Human Rights Commission about Covid-19 policies.

I ask you this – what sort of picture do these numbers paint for how we handled the pandemic?

A pretty ugly one if you ask me.

And that’s justice as I see it.  

Nearly three years on, grieving mum, Raelene, is still fighting for answers as to why her daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly after the Covid vaccine.

The Prime Minister promised a Royal Commission into Australia’s Covid response. What changed his mind?  

Russell Broadbent MP
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