Bunyip State Park Forest Fire

3 April, 2019


We have had an horrific fire centred around the Bunyip State Park Forest. To say that there was not tested that we would  lose life in that fire is a lie. It was dangerous. We did lose 29 homes, and those people are being helped the best they can through their state member, Gary Blackwood and the Victorian State Government. There were some minor miracles in that fire. When we had the enormity of this bushfire, usually, when a front comes through, it comes through at 70km an hour and it was completely benign. Completely benign. And it if wasn't for the work of Ivan Smith - and I not the partners of the fire people that go out, men and women. I'm sure they fear the worst and pray for the best as their firemen go into the field. But Stephen Keating, Jude Kennedy and John Painter, along with Ivan Smith, used their contingencies, their abilities and their knowledge of former fires to arrange resources in this campaign against this horrific fire to make a difference and save the property and, probably the lives of hundreds of people. We were in a very difficult position, when these four men were standing in the fire zone central and organising how they would confront that fire. The way they did their job should be commended, and I commend them today.

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